With a 162-game regular season, baseball covers Spring training, the hot Summer, to the Fall Classic. It also keeps bettors and oddsmakers busy. Six months of division rivalries, ninth-inning comebacks, and underdog upsets. The dynamics of MLB betting and hadicapping shift daily. Strong teams can blow out a last-place team one night, and then be locked in an extra-inning duel the next day with the same squad. Other times, a struggling starter will surprise everyone, throwing seven strong innings and winning as a +200 underdog. And still other times, a total may be 9 but the teams playing have strong offenses with bad pitching staffs going with the wagering value on a high-scoring affair, adding unpredictability and excitment into the MLB picks. There is a multitude of factors that come into play, including injuries, road travel, streaks, and offensive cold spells. The oddsmakers' job is to put up numbers and the handicapper's goal is to identify edges on the diamond and at the wagering window amongst the MLB betting public.

Why Use Today's Free Baseball Picks

Those betting edges are there, though not on every game. Winning sports handicappers cull through data, find the most significant factors, then apply that against the numerous odds posted to find where the best bets are. If there aren't enough edges, then the oddsmaker did an accurate job so move on to other numbers. But there will be edges within MLB matchups, some small and some large. If a bad team is terrible on the road but .500 at home, it's worth a closer look when they're a home underdog. If a team with a losing record has suddenly won nine of 10, try and identify why. Are they on a long home stand? Have a couple of minor leaguers been brought up and are playing well? Or are they winning a string of one-run games? Reading up on as much information as you can get your hands on helps deepen your understanding and predictive abilities.

Betting Value in Today's Free MLB Picks

Knowledge and the correct assessment of betting odds are the keys. If a strong starting pitcher averages just 5 innings examine the team's bullpen as roughly half the game is going to come down to the relief staff. Depending on the bullpen's strength or weakness, the posted odds on the starting pitcher could be overvalued. And it's not just favorites and underdogs that can have value but totals. If a total drops by just one run to 7 or 8, it may not be enough if the projected starters are aces who usually throw 7 innnings allowing few hits or runs. It may appear to be a 3-2 final with either side capable of winning. Therefore, there is less value in trying to nail down the winning side and more of a betting edge with the total.

Wunderdog's Free Baseball Picks Today

There are many factors to examine when handicapping baseball. Home field edges, offensive capabilities, relief staff strength, and availability, how visitings will be influenced by the differences in each park, to rivalry and divisional matchups. These then have to be compared to the numbers the oddsmakers have posted to gauge whether they're accurate or off. I've been doing this daily in multiple sports for over two decades. Because there are so many games over an entire MLB season, many betting angles are unique to handicapping baseball. My daily releases come with an in-depth analysis of why these games are worth playing, providing you not only with the best selections but important insight to expand your handicapping knowledge.

Tonight's Free MLB Picks vs. Premium Picks

Tonight's Free MLB Picks Pros:

  • Daily information means you're up-to-date on all the teams and odds
  • Selections from an expert in different forms (parlays, does, MLB props, run-lines)
  • Line movement assessed and wagering angles to get the early jump on books

Tonight's Free MLB Picks Picks Cons:

  • Overreliance on betting trends
  • Unclear reasoning or no reasons provided
  • Identifying value in betting odds can be time-consuming

Premium Tonight's MLB Picks Pros:

  • Being on the same picks that professional shards are on
  • Premium picks can have unique information that isn't widely obtainable
  • Distinguishing between significant line movement and public money

Premium Tonight's MLB Picks Cons:

  • Excess costs will carve into your betting bankroll
  • Too many MLB favorites or overvaluing starting pitchers
  • Be cautious of services providing sides on nearly every game on the daily MLB picks card

How To Win With Today's Free Baseball Picks

Don't force plays because you want action or because you plan on watching a game on TV. Many times the oddsmakers have the side and total nailed, so passing is fine. Call it "smart not-wagering." For me, there's only one reason to bet: winning. It takes patience, practice, and plenty of knowledge to identify which numbers are on and which numbers have enough variance to make them worthy of a play. Gleaning and absorbing information from newspapers, team websites, and free baseball picks helps add to your layers of understanding about tonight's games, teams, and odds. Too many bettors head to the wagering window armed only with cash. The smart - and winning - bettors come armed with knowledge, money, and confidence.

Tonight's Free Baseball Picks Betting Strategy

Let-Down Spots

Many times odds are posted and move based on what happened yesterday. If a favorite with a powerful offense wins 10-1 they can be favored again the next night by an even a higher margin. But just because a team won 10-1 yesterday hitting 3 home runs doesn't mean a similar result will happen. The ebb and flow of a long season come into play. Even the best offenses will experience batting slumps. Weak pitchers can throw a strong game or even turn things around with better control or new pitches added to their repertoire. Teams can have let-down spots after an emotional extra-inning win, an exhausting game against a division rival, or their first game on the road after a long homestand. Successful bettors look for spots where underdogs are capable of pulling off an upset or going against favorites that are in let-down situations. After ripping off eight wins in a row - seven of them at Fenway Park and three against the rival New York Yankees - the Boston Red Sox took off on a six-game road trip to the West Coast. They went 3-3 on the trek, losing the final two games as a favorite, 5-3 and 5-4, at the Angels. That same season, the Yankees won four of five during a five-game homestand. They then started a nine-game road trip with a 3-4 record, including a 14-0 loss at Tampa Bay as chalk! Road travel, injuries, and emotion can all factor negatively providing go-against wagering spots.


Home field means less in baseball compared to other sports for a single game. However, with MLB teams playing almost every day, long road trips and long homestands can factor into winning handicapping. Even a bad baseball team can have significant edges when on a homestand. The players aren't traveling or heading to airports or taking shuttles to hotels. They're comfortable in their own locker rooms and practice facilities while commuting from home. That's far less stress on a professional athlete. In one recent campaign, the Kansas City Royals finished in last place but were just three games under .500 at home. Not coincidently, they had their best stretch during their longest homestand (11 games) of the year, going 7-4. That included six wins as underdogs of +130, +135, +110, +125, +157, and +190 - the latter a 4-0 win over the Dodgers. Their second-best stretch was during a six-game homestand winning five times - four as a dog.

Undervalued Totals

Fans prefer watching high-scoring 'Home Run Derby' games, which means the casual bettor will lean towards the Over. Reverse that kind of thinking and look at games where there might be multiple factors lining up for a low-scoring tilt. Starting pitchers will go roughly 5-6 innings, so carefully examine the bullpen. Teams with quality middle relievers and a reliable closer can slam the door on offenses in the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th innings. In one recent season, the Braves, Guardians, Mariners, Rays, Orioles, and Tigers were in the Top 10 in relief pitching. Atlanta was also Top 10 defensively in fielding percentages and had a stretch going 18-7 UNDER the total. And five of those teams - the Tigers, Mariners, Orioles, Guardians, and Rays - were in the bottom 15 of the league in runs scored. Seattle had stretches going 23-13-1 and 17-7-1 UNDER the total, Baltimore had runs of 16-7 and 16-6 UNDER, Cleveland went on a 23-6-3 run UNDER, while Detroit had runs of 29-11 and 17-4-5 UNDER the total. Weather can factor into helping games go UNDER, too, such as cooler temperatures or the winds blowing in from centerfield.

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Many baseball odds are correct or close, but plenty are not. If you've identified a soft MLB line or a strong situational spot, dig deeper into it. That's how professional handicappers isolate the best plays. And it helps to get expert advice from those pros, such as signing up for tonight's free MLB picks from me on a regular subscription service. Information on games is provided along with in-depth reasoning behind each pick. Some of the selections will match yours and others won't, giving you the chance to take a second look at the card. You can play along with me, or simply digest the reasons why. Either way, you absorb more baseball and handicapping knowledge...for free!

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