Everyone loves underdogs. It's fun to watch and root for the little guy making it all the more exciting on those occasions when David actually slays Goliath. Rooting for the underdog is easy. Putting money on the underdog to pull the upset is a whole nother ballgame. After all, a big soccer underdog that pulls out a 1-1 deadlock didn't lose and has performed far better than expected, but underdog bettors at +220 or +300 still failed to cash. It takes careful handicapping study, timing, and confidence to pick enough soccer underdog winners to make it profitable.

Why Use Free Soccer Underdog Picks

Small underdogs are listed at plus-money, such as +130 or +150, but big dogs can be anywhere from +200 to +900 or more. A bettor placing $100 backing a +200 underdog would get back $300 if the dog wins the game ($200 on the victory and their original $100 wager returned). The trick is to identify underdogs that have a reasonable chance of winning the game. Even losing teams as large underdogs can have several things in their favor, such as home field, a strong defense that keeps them in many games, or a situational spot advantage. Gathering information from multiple sources that preview soccer games is the best way to spot under-the-radar underdogs with overlooked edges.

Betting Value in Free Soccer Underdog Picks

Casual bettors prefer backing their team or the favorites, but serious professional bettors look for plus-money live underdog opportunities when making their soccer bets. That's where the value - and the long-term money - lie. Big-name, or public, teams attract fan interest and betting money. Many times that forces oddsmakers to open those numbers higher than they normally would. From a handicapping perspective, that means less value on the public team and more value with the opponent. In addition, with so many soccer games on the card, lesser-known leagues and teams can have better value attracting far less interest (and money) from fans and bettors.

Wunderdog Free Soccer Underdog Picks

Soccer may feature a lot of low-scoring tilts, but there are loads of soccer computer stats, matchups, and handicapping angles to analyze. I keep tabs on all the stats from my personal database along with reading up on previews from around the globe. I also keep a watchful eye on line movement that adds another layer of insight on where the best value is and who the sharpest bettors are on. And I'm not shy about backing underdogs, even large ones, as the goal is to build a betting bankroll over the short and long haul.

Free Soccer Underdog Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free Soccer Underdog Picks Pros:

  • Expands your handicapping acumen to different wagering options
  • Valuable betting information at no cost
  • Time saver with hundreds of soccer games each month

Free Soccer Underdog Picks Cons:

  • Too many soccer favorites won't build the bankroll
  • No reasoning revealed
  • Be skeptical of websites that ignore losers and only boast of recent winners

Premium Soccer Underdog Picks Pros:

  • The pro handicapping service zones in on the essential elements for you
  • Sound money management should accompany each pick
  • Nailing enough underdogs adds plus money to your bankroll faster than favorites

Premium Soccer Underdog Picks Cons:

  • Value not obvious or explained
  • An overemphasis on betting trends
  • Gambling addictions can be destructive to people's bankrolls and life

How To Win With Free Soccer Underdog Picks

Wagering and winning at soccer is not easy but it can be done. It requires putting in the work, understanding handicapping dynamics, gauging line value, and betting discipline. Getting the right information is essential to judge when to back an underdog, especially in soccer with ties on the docket in three-way soccer moneylines. Getting different opinions from professional sports bettors with winning track records helps you hone in on the best plays available along with improving your own handicapping skills.

Free Soccer Underdog Picks Betting Strategy

Home Dogs

Excluding ties, it's not uncommon to find soccer teams finishing 6-8 at home and 1-13 on the road. Teams are more comfortable on their home pitch. They know the surroundings, have a short trip from home to the stadium, and have their own fans cheering them on. They certainly have the pride and incentive to give it their all at home. That's not always the case on the road, however, as there are far more challenges. You'll notice that some teams play good defense at home but have all kinds of trouble defending in road contests. That's why home underdogs catch the eye of serious bettors. That means the visiting team has a better record or more talent and is expected to win. But home underdogs have several intangibles in their favor that aren't always evident in overall stats and matchups. There's value present finding the right situations for underdogs, especially at home.

Strong Defensive Units

With so many low-scoring soccer games, the flashy, speedy, skilled offensive players get a lot of attention. And managers are always making adjustments to try and squeeze out scoring opportunities. Defensive capabilities are overlooked by many fans - but not by serious soccer bettors. Record-wise, there are many teams that are in the middle of the pack in a league with around .500 records. They can have stats such as 17 goals scored, 16 goals allowed through 14 games, and close to a .500 record like 5-6-3 or 6-4-4. They play a defensive style and can even rack up a lot of ties in 0-0 or 1-1 games. They may not be a threat to win their league, but they are a threat on a weekly basis to pull upsets as underdogs. That's because their consistently strong defenses keep them in most games. And it's not a stretch to picture them pulling off a 1-0 upset as a +300 underdog if situational or matchup factors come into play when making your soccer picks for today.

Recent Performances

A soccer team may have a losing record on the season, but it's more important to look at how they're performing recently. Personnel changes take place all the time with players getting healthy to newcomers inserted into the lineup that make a significant impact. It can also take teams a while to adapt to new wrinkles and styles that managers put in. A team can go from being very bad to fairly competitive quickly, making them a live underdog before the betting public has caught up. In addition, examine head-to-head records of teams against league opponents. Some teams match up well with a rival or get up to play them even if they're having a mediocre season. Underdogs in a rivalry tilt can pay dividends on the field and at the wagering window.

Free Soccer Underdog Picks Subscription

Identifying live soccer underdogs is about lining up the right information and gauging whether the odds are accurate or significantly off. My releases are compiled from careful study along with a winning eye for handicapping that I've honed for over 20 years in all sports. The oddsmakers aren't in business to give money away, but they do make errors that can be taken advantage of. You can take advantage of those mistakes alongside me by signing up for my free picks on a subscription service. We all know dogs are man's best friend - and they're just as friendly to a serious who's trying to build a fat bankroll!

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