If you keep track of your soccer wagering wins and losses, you may find that you're losing money or lucky to break even. Look on the bright side: You're not alone! Sportsbooks aren't interested in losing more money than they make. They'd go out of business fast. The oddsmakers take their jobs seriously putting up many good to great betting numbers. If you want to turn any kind of profit betting, you need to approach it seriously. One way is to expand your soccer picks options beyond just looking at favorites and underdogs. Soccer totals, or Over/Under picks, double a bettor's chances of finding a weak line.

Why Use Free Soccer Over/Under Picks

Sportsbooks put up different types of wagers to attract more interest and action. Over/Under bets have been around for decades and have gained in popularity in recent years. Many soccer favorites and underdogs have large lines, such as laying $500 to try and win $100 on the favorite. This can bring extreme swings in your betting bankroll depending on whether you win or lose. But wild swings on one game don't happen with totals as the odds are closer to even money each game. A common soccer total is listed as 2.5 goals scored Over/Under. One that reads, "2 Over (-140), 2 Under (+120)" means you lay $140 on the Over to win $100, or $100 on the Under to win $120. There's less of a risk of taking a big loss. And many times, totals have a better wagering value than trying to pick the favorite or underdog.

Betting Value in Free Soccer Over/Under Picks

Situations and matchups are two essential ways to break down soccer totals. There are teams that score the majority of their goals at home, but struggle to score on the road. This is why it's essential as a handicapper to carefully examine how teams perform. They may score less on the road because they're more comfortable or confident in front of their home fans, or the manager preaches a cautious, defensive approach on the road. From an Over/Under perspective, there can be choice opportunities to back high-scoring games with that team at home while anticipating defensive duels on the road.

Wunderdog Free Soccer Over/Under Picks

As a successful professional handicapper for over two decades, I examine soccer computer matchups and situations on a daily basis. I also understand the mechanics of line movement and recognize when the oddsmakers have over or undervalued certain totals. This allows me to compile a daily list of totals that aren't representative of the true odds. I then dig further to see how far off they are from my projected final soccer scores, such as examining injuries, suspensions, road travel, and coaching tendencies. It all needs to be weighed carefully, especially in a sport like soccer where teams regularly jump out of league play to participate in tournaments facing teams from lower, higher, or comparable levels.

Free Soccer Over/Under Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free Soccer Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • Streamlines the most essential soccer betting data
  • Insight into lesser-known teams, leagues, and Cup tournaments
  • When odds shift, it helps to know why numbers are moving

Free Soccer Over/Under Picks Cons:

  • Too many trends and not enough comprehensive reasoning
  • Incapable of providing past won/lost records on totals
  • Too many Overs

Premium Soccer Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • Develops your soccer handicapping critical thinking
  • Enormous time saver with a pro bettor doing all the labor
  • A reliable service can obtain vital wagering info that's hard to find

Premium Soccer Picks Cons:

  • The additional cost cuts into your wagering bankroll
  • A lack of sound money-management advice
  • Totals are overlooked by many bettors but not by serious ones

How To Win Free Soccer Over/Under Picks

There are so many daily soccer matches around the globe that handicapping correctly requires time to research. Soccer totals offer some of the best wagering edges to those who play to win and put the time in. Winning on soccer Over/Unders requires knowing team stats, league power rankings, situations, and how teams match up both at home and on the road. Serious bettors are less focused on a big haul on one match and more interested in turning a consistent profit over time. By taking advantage of best free soccer picks, you'll eventually be able to see the handicapping edges the way documented betting experts do.

Free Soccer Over/Under Picks Betting Strategy

Red Sea Defense

Just like Moses parting the Red Sea in biblical history, some soccer teams play a Red Sea defense - parting up too often and letting the attackers into the zone. Obviously, it's not a compliment. Some teams are poor defensively, from a lack of skill to forwards failing to get back and help on defense. This shows up statistically, with teams giving up 2-to-3 goals on a regular basis. Oddsmakers take this into account, of course, with high Over/Under numbers. However, one sound totals wagering strategy is two teams that aren't very good offensively facing each other that play bad defense. Oddsmakers will look at the lack of offense and make a total of 2.5 or even 2. But if the two teams give up a lot of goals, there can be excellent wagering value in a higher-scoring game than the oddsmakers and the soccer general public expect.

Soccer Matchups

If a terrific offensive team happens to be facing a team with an air-tight defense, the great offensive squad is less likely to hit their season average in goals scored. During one 12-month stretch, Manchester City had the top offense in the English Premier League while Newcastle United had the best defense. When the two squared off against one another, the final scores were 1-0, 2-0, and 1-0. The offensive powerhouse of Manchester City scored a total of 3 goals, far below their season average.

Situational Totals

Situations can play a role in affecting soccer totals. A game between two teams battling for first place or key positioning in the standings means both want to win the game. That often means an emphasis on defense by the players and managers. They can take a cautious approach, waiting patiently for offensive opportunities, while focusing on defense most of the game. This can result in close, low-scoring affairs. In addition, managers often rest players because of injuries or because a more important match is on deck. If a manager rests some of his best attacking offensive personnel, the odds shift to a more defensive-oriented game. Or, if two important defensive players are held out, it can help the opponent tally more goals than they normally might get. Home/road can factor into this, as well. If a team is adept at scoring goals at home but struggles to score on the road, there can be wagering edges with looking at the total depending on where they're playing or how far from home they are.

Free Soccer Over/Under Picks Subscription

With over 300 professional soccer leagues worldwide, a bettor who wants to win needs all the help they can get. That's a lot of matchups, rivalries, tournaments, and matchups - not to mention betting odds - to examine. I keep tabs on a multitude of factors on the soccer pitch and at the betting window in an effort to unearth the top wagering edges. My handicapping comes with a detailed analysis so you can see the reasons why there is betting value. You can receive that insight with a regular subscription service at no risk or cost. Side by side we'll work to increase your soccer Over/Under handicapping skills - along with your wagering bankroll.

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