There are three popular ways to bet on a soccer match. A 3-way soccer moneyline has three options for the bettor: Team A, Team B, or a DRAW. Whatever the score is at the end of 90 minutes of regulation play, the sportsbooks payout. It doesn't matter if the game is going extra frames or to penalty kick shootouts. A 2-way moneyline eliminates the tie. The odds will differ from the 3-way moneyline and if the game ends in a DRAW, 2-way moneyline bettors will get their wager returned. The other is called soccer spread betting, or Handicap, where a point spread is attached, such as the favorite at -1.5 goals and the underdog at +1.5 goals. The favorite would have to win by more than one goal while the +1.5 dog cashes by winning the game, tying, or losing by just one goal.

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With so many different choices available, anyone serious about trying to win wagering on soccer needs to come armed with information and betting know-how. And the wagers listed above are just on who is going to win the game. There are other types of betting available, as well, such as props, team totals, halftime bets, and soccer parlays. One needs to decide where the best wagering value is before putting down their hard-earned cash. Keeping up on teams and soccer leagues requires putting in the time to build that knowledge base. Reading columns from beat writers and soccer news while utilizing opinions from industry betting professionals are some of the ways to expand your wagering expertise.

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Betting is about predicting. Betting value is about calculating the true odds of something occurring in a contest and then assessing the bookmaker's current odds to see if there's value compared to the outcome you expect. Professional handicappers are constantly on the move searching and assessing matchups, numbers, and odds. Professional oddsmakers are very good at what they do, but not perfect. Professional handicappers can also be very good at what they do, exploiting imperfections in the odds. And it's not about betting with your heart on a favorite team but about wagering with your head for profit.

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As a successful betting pro for over two decades, I put in the time daily to sift through the numerous soccer matchups on the card. I'm able to narrow down a list of the weakest lines for a handful of the top betting choices. With so many soccer games and leagues, it's about streamlining the best numbers, and then delving deep into the situational and metric matchups. The best soccer picks I release are graded and come with in-depth reasoning that explains why this is one of the best bets on the card.

Best Free Soccer Picks Today vs. Premium Picks

Best Free Soccer Picks Today Pros:

  • Up-to-date information on dozens of worldwide soccer leagues and teams
  • Professional angles on the best wagering edges
  • When to use spread betting or soccer Bet Yes/No on Both Teams to Score

Best Free Soccer Picks Today Cons:

  • A lack of explanations and reasoning
  • Is the handicapper one person, multiple people, or computer picks?
  • Too many opinions from different services can result in conflicts on the same game

Premium Best Soccer Picks Pros:

  • A pro wagering service is collecting the best betting information
  • Smart wagers beyond moneylines offered, such as props, parlays, and totals
  • Sound, disciplined money management accompanies each bet

Premium Best Soccer Picks Cons:

  • Too many big favorites
  • Betting websites that bury won/lost/push records
  • Overlooking lineup changes, injuries, or new transfer additions

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Gathering soccer information is easy though it takes time with so many games going on daily around the globe. The challenge is being able to sift through all that information to pick out the most essential items that can affect a match. There are subtle nuances to find the softest betting numbers, such as team depth, road travel, and home-field advantage, along with identifying the best of the multitude of soccer wagers offered, such as props, totals, first-half bets, parlays, draws, or double chance bets. Streamlining the information with the best numbers helps put a bettor consistently in the winning column.

Best Free Soccer Picks Today Betting Strategy


Ties may be a letdown to many soccer fans after 90 minutes of action but it's an important part of finding excellent wagering value. It's common to find Draws at +190 or +220 so it's worth the extra handicapping time to see if a tie might be the most likely outcome. One way would be an even overall matchup. Two teams ranked No. 7 and No. 8 in a league, for instance, might have similar goals scored and allowed on the season. I win either way would help one team in the standings which motivates players and fans, but a tie might be the more reasonable outcome if you're putting money down. In addition, a team's defensive capabilities can help predict when draws are likely. An underdog might be overmatched on offense against a strong opponent, but if they play a defensive style intent with the purpose of keeping each game close, the tie might appear more likely than a loss - and more often than not at plus-money. And two great defensive teams playing each other can result in draws of 0-0 or 1-1 that wouldn't be a surprise.

Lineup Changes

11 starters are used by a manager in soccer with roughly seven substitutes, including one backup goalkeeper. The best 11 starters will be utilized for big games, but most soccer games over the course of a season aren't big. Many are against below-average opponents or in tournaments that teams approach differently. Some put a huge emphasis on Cup matches within a country or geographic area while others place less importance on it as they're more focused on winning their league. Managers will rest key players all the time for different reasons, so many times the 11 starters aren't their strongest lineup. In addition, injuries and suspensions take place forcing managers to shift their lineups. A large favorite might not have its best 11 out there, so be cautious if they're in the role of favorite. Perhaps the underdog or a draw provides better wagering value.

Styles of Play

Managers also use very different styles of play. Usually, it's built around personnel. If a manager finds that his three best players are defenders, he may opt for a defensive approach on a regular basis. This can result in a lot of 1-0 or 0-0 games. A savvy sports bettor will look for low-scoring games Under the total or ties that have a high payday. If a team is loaded with speed or outstanding depth, he may push the tempo with an attacking offense. The purpose is to wear down the opposition resulting in higher scoring matches. Other times, a manager has a long track record playing one style with different teams. It's less about the talent available and more about what that manager preaches and believes in.

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I'm on the lookout for any soccer odds that vary significantly from my own odds. I incorporate stats, styles of play, and situational handicapping factors honed from over 20 years of wagering (and winning) experience in all sports. My picks come with a detailed analysis of the reasons why this is the best selection. You can sign up and analyze my selections via a free email subscription service. I also stress something many services overlook: the correct money management investment strategy. You don't wager 3% of your bankroll on most plays and then jump up 50% on one game you like more than the others. That will hurt your bankroll over the long haul. Because I'm all about the handicapping long haul: ending the season with more money than I started.

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