There are only two teams left standing for the NBA Finals. Network executives and advertisers are in heaven as it's the championship round. Fans of those cities are delighted, but what's a bettor to do? Sports bettors should be delighted, too, as there are more than enough odds to sift through on the betting board. Oddsmakers prefer numerous ways to wager as it creates more interest. Sportsbooks want to hold the interest of more bettors so they hang around the casinos longer, taking in a show, eating, or dropping more dough into the slot machines.  That's why props on the Super Bowl, March Madness, and NBA Finals were added. And for bettors who are serious about turning a profit, all the different wagering options mean a chance for softer lines and winning edges. 

Why Use Free NBA Finals Picks

With one game on the card, the side and total are up fast by oddsmakers, sitting there for a few days. They then have the advantage of making minor adjustments based on the early flow of money or some large bets by respected sharps. Later on, betting on team totals and individual player props will be available. But only a handful represent winning opportunities. It's wise to examine different perspectives, angles, and insights from experts such as free NBA Finals Picks. It will contain information that you weren't able to find along with selections that you overlooked.  

Betting Value in Free NBA Finals Picks

When it comes to the NBA Finals side, the total, or the moneyline, there's usually just one of those three that offer the best wagering value. Other times, the oddsmakers have all three nailed and none are worth playing.  But there are always winning edges with all the other numbers available, such as team totals, first half bets, and endless props. If a star player is averaging 34 points in the postseason, his Over/Under for Game 1 will be around that number.  But if he's facing one of the best defensive teams in the league, the wagering value could be on the Under. Or if a talented big man averages 10 rebounds but is facing a poor rebounding team or one with no defensive big men to throw at him, he has a strong chance to go Over his rebounding average.  

Wunderdog Free NBA Finals Picks

Some of the handicapping basics that are utilized during the regular season have less weight in the NBA playoffs or don't apply at all. Motivation, for instance, is a huge factor most of the season, but it's not even an issue now as both teams will be sky-high to play hard with a championship so close. Other handicapping elements are more important, such as matchups, experience, defense, or coaching adjustments. And all of those apply to the different proposition wagering options on the table. I've been watching and winning for over two decades and know what to scrutinize to evaluate the best betting options on the board. Best of all, you can have access to handicapping expertise with free NBA Finals Picks.  

Free NBA Finals Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NBA Finals Picks Pros:

  • Jumping on the early number's value before the lines shift against you
  • No money down to gain professional insight from a longtime winner
  • The basketball season may be winding down but you're gaining handicapping fundamentals that apply to other upcoming sports

Free NBA Finals Picks Cons:

  • Overuse of regular season betting trends that simply don't apply to the NBA Finals
  • Don't wager more simply because the end of the season is approaching
  • Line movement on NBA Finals totals can be significant, so make sure the actual number is close to the free pick total

Premium NBA Finals Picks Pros:

  • Expect a high winning percentage with premium releases along with detailed reasoning
  • Prime prop bets will be bountiful offering great wagering value
  • The pros are sifting through all the various types of NBA picks to identify the best ones

Premium NBA Finals Picks Cons:

  • Forcing too many picks with only one NBA game on the card. Be selective or pass
  • No explanations provided for prop bets
  • Always possess mental control, patience, and clear judgment as betting addictions are destructive

How To Win With Free NBA Finals Picks

Just because the two best teams in each conference are meeting to see who will be crowned champion doesn't mean that they're evenly matched. It also means there are individual and team matchups that significantly favor one side or a few choice props.  Examining free NBA Finals picks will keep you up to date with the essential handicapping knowledge to find the right lines. In addition, those lines will move as the Finals have one or two days from the time the odds are posted until tipoff. Keep an eye on which way they move and learn if the public is moving the number or a few Vegas Wide Guys with sharp eyes for soft lines.  

NBA Finals Betting Strategy

Team Totals

There are props available on how many points one team will score, such as Over/Under 109.5. The number will be based largely on their points averaged during the regular season and the number of points per game their opponent allows. The advantage comes from analyzing matchups.   If they have a strong inside game and are going against a perimeter team or one that lacks big shot blockers in the low post, they have a good chance to shoot for a high percentage. This would imply they'll have a good offensive game and go OVER. If a team relies a lot on 3-point shooting and faces a team that is Top 5 defensively at defending the three, they might struggle to score, thus a play UNDER their team total.  

Line Movement

The pregame line movement reveals a lot about the opening betting numbers and the betting public. What the betting public thinks is not a good indication of whether the number is correct or not. Nor does it suggest you should follow the public. The public is the average bettor, one who wagers small amounts.  Professional handicappers make their own numbers and identify whether the line is good, a little off, or a lot off. If it's a lot off, of course, that's a play. The real value in line movement is when it's coming from a handful of sharp bettors who wager large amounts. Those are professional handicappers who've done their homework and are pounding a weak line.  It's essential to distinguish between small amounts wagered and the larger amounts that come from the Wise Guys. In addition, line movement unveils value if it moves too far from the numbers you or I believe are the accurate ones. This doesn't just apply to sides, but totals and props, too.  

Prop Matchups

There are plenty of hokey props that are only there for fun to entice unsophisticated bettors. These would be "Who wins the opening tip?", "Who scores first?", "Who receives the first technical of the Finals?", or "Will Michael Jordan's name be mentioned more than 20 times during the Finals?"  Stay away from these. The real meat in props has to do with individual players and matchups. Each star offensive player will have an Over/Under of their point total. Examine the team defense they'll be going up against as well as the individual players who will be defending them.   I good inside scorer who is 6-10 being defended by an opponent 6-7 has key advantages. Or a great 3-point shooter will have an edge all game over a team that is slow to adjust on the perimeter or one that has a weak team or 3-point defense.  

Free NBA Finals Picks Subscription

Eight to 12 million viewers watch each NBA Finals game, but my only rooting interest is in covering selected betting tickets. My releases are scrutinized from my personal database and then weigh with the expertise of someone who's been playing - and winning - regularly for over 20 years.   The reasons why are included in my NBA Finals Picks, which you can receive for free via a subscription service. If you want to win on the NBA Finals, get prepared. And there's no better way than with a documented professional.

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