How to Bet March Madness

We are just a few weeks away from the NCAA Tournament field being unveiled, and I can't wait. I love the energy of college basketball and the buzz that comes with March madness every year. College basketball presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to betting strateiges. I wanted to share a couple of my techniques with you.

March Madness Betting

if you do a quick internet search, but we feel like these are the best March Madness betting strategies to use.

These strategies are not guaranteed to make you a winner, or rich, but it should help you when it comes to making some decisions. Hopefully, one or several of these March Madness betting strategies will work for you and help you win big on the NCAA Tournament. Also don't forget to look for a sportsbook promos prior to betting on March Madness.

Research and Find Advanced Metrics

The internet has made finding information much easier, and that can really help when it comes to March Madness betting. Doing a lot of research is always a great betting strategy, but you have to know what you are looking for. 

When it comes to March Madness betting, then you need to be looking at advanced metrics. Advanced metrics help to tell the bigger picture when looking at both teams in a matchup, and you can get a much better feel for a team. 

Looking at records and regular-season accomplishments really doesn’t matter a ton, but studying advanced metrics is a sound betting strategy. 

Consult Expert Picks

As soon as the brackets are unveiled on Selection Sunday, you will see plenty of betting picks from experts. There will be several hours a day dedicated to March Madness betting picks. make sure you can trust the handicapper, check their past picks and betting strategies, because we know some will have a hidden agenda, and there is a chance that they are just trying to drum up support for other teams. 

Bet on “Home” Teams

The NCAA Tournament is played at sites and locations around the country, and those sites change each year. This gives teams a geographical advantage at times, and some teams could be playing in what is essentially a “home game.” 

College basketball teams are always better playing close to home, and that can help you make some decisions when it comes to March Madness betting. This doesn’t mean that you should always bet on the team playing close to home, but looking at top teams playing close to home is a strategy that could work well for you. 

Bet on Big-Name Coaches

Even though most people think that having the best players are a key when it comes to winning in March, but really it is the coaches that might make the biggest difference. There is a reason that some coaches repeatedly leads team to the Final Four, and those are the coaches that you should be betting on in March. 

You also need to look at individual coaching matchups in March, as history usually repeats itself. When you are looking at an NCAA Tournament bracket, you first need to look at the coaching matchup for each team. 

Bet the Underdog Moneyline

A popular March Madness betting strategy that is employed often in March is placing a moneyline bet on an underdog. March Madness is full of dramatic upsets at every round of the tournament, and placing a moneyline bet on an underdog can net you a huge payout. 

This doesn’t mean that you should place a bet on every underdog throughout the tournament, but there are certain times when it is a great strategy to employ. 

One bracket; Multiple Bets

Even though this article mostly deals with March Madness betting, we are going to talk about March Madness brackets as well. Filling out a bracket and joining a bracket pool is one of the most popular things to do when it comes to March Madness. 

Joining a bracket pool is fine, but we recommend sticking to just one bracket. Don’t spend all of your time filling out multiple brackets, when you could be winning some money by betting on March Madness. 

Every year try to keep the motto of “One bracket, multiple bets,” in your mind, and that should get you in the right state of mind to be prepared for some March Madness betting. 


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