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The Importance of Goaltending When Placing NHL Bets
The Importance of Goaltending When Placing #NHL Bets. #hockeylife #sportspicks #sportsbetting #bettingadvice #tips #goalie ...
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Join My #Free Masterclass On How to Win at Sports Betting
Join My #Free Masterclass On How to Win at Sports Betting #SportsPicks #Advice #Tips #SportsBetting #Wunderdog ...
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#NHL Roadie vs Multi-Margin Loser #Hockey #Trends #Tips #Advice
NHL Roadie vs Multi-Margin Loser #Hockey #Trends #Tips #Advice.
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This Season, Things Have Changed In The NHL Totals #NHL #Hockey #SportsPicks #Wunderdog #Advice #Viral #ShortsVideo ...
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NHL Betting Tips. #Oilers Take On The #Blackhawks Tonight @ 9PM EST #NHL #Tips #SportsPicks #Wunderdog.
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🎤 My advice for bettors during the offseason ⁣
NBA and NHL are over… MLB and WNBA are front and center for a lot of bettors, plus golf, UFC or whatever else, but CFB and ...
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NBA Free Pick: Raptors at Pistons
NBA Game of the Month today! I'm blasting off a big week today with my NBA Game of the Month, one of seven picks in my pro ...
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Free NHL Video Pick: Flames at Senators
NHL Picks Hitting 60% on the Season! This season has been one for the record books in Hockey, with my current record sitting at ...
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Free NHL Video Pick: Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Dallas Stars
We bagged another winning day in the NHL yesterday as I skated to a 4-1 (80%) record, with dime bettors adding another +$3810 ...
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Free NBA Picks: Raptors at Celtics
NBA + College 40-21 (66%) past week! My NBA picks have been heating up, just like my College and NHL selections! Tonight ...
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Free NHL Video Pick: Montreal Canadiens at Winnipeg Jets
NHL on fire! 62% this season, Max Plays perfect 9-0 (+$10270) My NHL Max Play won again on Wednesday, improving my Max ...
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NBA Free Picks 2020: Minnesota vs. Houston
Free March Madness bracket! Get your bracket now - free. ($35 Value). Buy my 2020 March Madness Picks Package then shoot ...
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NHL Free Picks 2019: Canucks vs. Blackhawks
Six Week 11 CFB Max Plays ready! I went 0-1 yesterday in the NHL and enter today's action at 10-5 (67%) for a +$8030 return ...
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NHL Free Picks 2019: Washington vs. Toronto
I hit my video pick on Sunday in the NFL as I was on Philly. Today I've got another free video pick ready for you this time from the ...
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NBA Free Picks 2019: New Orleans vs. Toronto
The NBA season gets underway today and I take to the hardwood with one premium NBA pick from opening night! Last season ...
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Free NHL Picks: Winnipeg vs. Pittsburgh
NHL Max Play goes off today! Over the last year and a half, my Max Plays are hitting 58% at 226-165 for a +$44130 return for ...
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Free NHL Picks: Washington vs. St. Louis
I drop the puck on the 2019-20 season with four premium hockey picks today. Over the years, the NHL has been one of my best ...
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Week 7 NFL Picks 2018
80% Winning Weeks in the NFL 8-2 start to NBA CFB, NHL and MLB all winning too! This week I look at the matchup between the ...
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Week 6 NFL Picks 2018
Another winning week last week moves me to 8 winning weeks out of 9 on the season, and I am hitting 61% overall! I am winning ...