How to Bet the NFL Preseason: Wunderdog Reviews The Strategies

Published on 08/07/2018 | 1,737 views

Wunderdog reviews the best strategies for betting the NFL preseason.

Do power rankings matter?

How much do coaches matter?

What about systems and trends?

Is the NFL preseason predictable? Can you make money betting the NFL preseason?


I have made over 500 NFL preseason picks since I started doing this professionally.

On those picks, I have produced a 46% return on bankroll with $100 players up over $4,576 in profit from my preseason NFL picks.

Last season I went 41-21 in my preseason picks.

Over the past four seasons, I have won four times, hitting 62% of my picks over that period.

Watch this video for NFL preseason betting tips and head over to to get my preseason NFL picks.