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Week 5 NFL Picks 2017 (7-1 winning weeks this season)

5,438 views | 10/06/2017

The Wunderdog won again last week in the NFL and now has seven winning weeks out of eight (including preseason). On the season, he's hitting 64%. And, the ...

Week 4 NFL Picks

4,762 views | 09/29/2017

The Wunderdog nailed his video pick last week, moving to 15-4 on those. Overall he went 12-7 in CFB and 9-4 in the NFL last week. Get his week 4 video pick.

NFL Picks Week 3

4,571 views | 09/22/2017

Wanna know how to bet week 3 in the NFL? Check out this video. The Wunderdog has hit 64% on the season in the NFL. NFL Video picks now 14-4. Get free ...

Week 2 NFL Picks: Video picks now 14-3

3,690 views | 09/15/2017

The Wunderdog hit 67% ATS in week one of the NFL regular season, going 6-3. His video pick won again, moving him to 14-3 on the video picks since last ...

Week 1 NFL Picks: Free NFL Pick (13-3 last year)

3,290 views | 09/07/2017

The Wunderdog hit 66% ATS winners in the preseason and went 13-3 on his NFL video picks last season. In this video, he shares his 2017 Week 1 NFL video ...

College Football 2017: How to Bet Week 1

1,711 views | 08/31/2017

The Wunderdog covers week 1 betting in college football. Get picks at

NFL 2017: Three Teams That Will Under-Preform Expectations

2,076 views | 08/23/2017

The Wunderdog shares his thoughts on which teams are most likely to under-perform expectations this coming season. Get picks for this season at ...

NFL 2017: Three Teams That Will Over-Perform Expectations

2,929 views | 08/12/2017

The Wunderdog shares his thoughts on which teams are most likely to over-perform expectations this coming season. Get picks for this season at ...

NFL Super Bowl LI Picks

3,043 views | 02/02/2017

The Wunderdog has gone 8-1 ATS the last nine Super Bowls and also hit 62% on Super Bowl props! 10 Super Bowl picks this year. Get 'em here: ...

NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Betting

2,856 views | 01/13/2017

Video picks now 11-3 on the season and we've won 15 out of 22 weeks in the NFL. In this video, Geoff talks about the Divisional round and provides a video pick ...

NFL Wildcard weekend picks

2,799 views | 01/05/2017

Winning season for both NFL and CFB. Geoff talks about the Wildcard games and gives out a pick in one of the four games. Get picks at ...

Week 17 NFL Betting System and pick

2,886 views | 12/30/2016

The Wunderdog talks about betting week 17 in the NFL, sharing a system that is 71% against the spread. He also provides his week 17 video pick (10-2 thus far ...

NFL Week 15 Video Pick & College Bowls System

2,946 views | 12/16/2016

10-1 on video picks this year! Geoff (the Wunderdog) discusses a simple College Football Bowls system and provides a video pick for week 15 NFL. Get free ...

NFL Week 13 Betting System & Pick

3,168 views | 12/02/2016

Video picks 9-1 on the season! Another here. Geoff talks about betting on elite teams late in the season and also provides his week 13 video pick Get free picks ...

Week 11 NFL Betting System & Pick

3,657 views | 11/18/2016

After last week's win, now 8-1 this season on video picks! Geoff talks week 11 NFL and provides a 62.5% winning week 11 system and this week's video pick.

Week 10 NFL System & Pick

3,318 views | 11/11/2016

Video picks are 7-1 this year! Geoff (the Wunderdog) discusses a great week 10 NFL betting system and provides a pick on one of this weekend's games.

Week 10 CFB system & Week 9 NFL Pick

3,259 views | 11/04/2016

Geoff (the Wunderdog) discusses a college football week 10 system and provides a week 9 NFL video pick. Video picks this season: 6-1 Get free picks: ...

Wunderdog Sports: NFL Week 8

3,324 views | 10/28/2016

Geoff (the Wunderdog) delivers a week 8 NFL system for totals and his week 8 video pick. Get free picks at

Wunderdog Sports: NFL Week 7

3,258 views | 10/21/2016

Video picks on the season: 4-1 Week 6 NFL system: 4-1 Geoff (the Wunderdog) talks about a week 7 NFL system that has hit 61% over the past 25 years and ...

Wunderdog Sports: Week 6 NFL

3,732 views | 10/14/2016

4-0 so far this season on Video picks! Geoff (the Wunderdog) gives out a week 6 NFL pick and discusses a week 6 NFL system. He also calls out Cousin Sal ...