2004 Season NFL Football Past Picks

December 05, 2004

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Denver at Los Angeles

Sunday 12/05 04:05 PM Eastern

3 units on Los Angeles -3 (-110) (risk 3 to return 5.73)  RESULT: PUSH

If last week's theme was finding underdogs that were better than their opponent, this week's theme has got to be one of riding the momentum. San Diego is on fire while Denver is fading. The Chargers are kicking butt and taking names. They are doingit on both sides of the ball with a solid balanced offense and a stifling run defense. They are averaging 35.5 points per game over their last four. Granted, this is the best defense they have seen all season but I think they have found a formula that works. I also believe it to be very multi-dimensional which will give them options. Denver can't simply bottle up LaDanian Tomlinson as Brees /Gates/McCardell will kill them. If they focus on stopping the potent Chargers passing game, LT will eat them up. I expect San Diego to have offensive success against a deense that was exposed last week. Denver, on the other hand is somewhat of a mystery. They can be a Jeckyl and Hyde team. Not sure which one will show up but I give it at least a 50% chance o being the one that doesn't play very well. You know - the one in which Jake Plummer makes more mistakes than good plays. Both teams have a lot to play for but I give the emotional edge to San Diego or three reasons. First, they are playing at home in front of a fired up crowd that hasn't seen their team in this position for years. Secondly, I think Denver is very dissapointed to be where they are right now whereas San Diego is hyped. Lastly, this is a revenge game for San Diego and a chance to lock up the division. They will be coming to play and they are playing much better than Denver right now. Three stars on the Bolts here.



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