Baseball and hockey don't have point spreads. Instead, they have Moneylines, such as minus-140 or +155. All you have to do is pick the winner of the game. Since there are no ties in those sports, there are no pushes when you wager - you win or lose.   Football and basketball offer both point spreads and moneylines. Moneylines are worth paying attention to for a couple of reasons. One, when they move, offering value on the favorite. Two, when you've found an underdog that has a reasonable chance to win the game.  

Why Use Free NBA Moneyline Picks

Point spreads and totals get the majority of the betting action, but savvy sports handicappers can find ways to build their bankrolls faster by picking spots to use the moneyline. You have to understand the reasons why moneyline offers better value than wagering on the side. In addition, there are times when playing both the side and the Moneyline on the same team is a strong pair of bets. Reading up on what professional handicappers are on is an excellent reason to incorporate free NBA picks into your daily regime.  

Betting Value in Free NBA Moneyline Picks

You mainly find NBA betting value in moneyline underdogs. For instance, if a home underdog is rested coming off an embarrassing loss hosting a better team that played last night, the home dog can be in a decent situational spot to pull the upset.  Or, if one of the best teams in the league is resting two of its starters, the underdog, whether home or away, can be primed to keep it close or pull an upset. Small Moneyline favorites can offer betting value, as well. If a 3-point favorite is bet down on the Moneyline because too many wagers have come in on the underdog, the oddsmakers may drop the favorite on the Moneyline to minus-120, for instance. Instead of betting on the favorite to win by more than 3 points, you can just lay a little extra juice but cash a winning team if they just win the game no matter by how many points.  

Wunderdog Free NBA Moneyline Picks

Winning in basketball is about keeping updated daily with all the information available on teams and games. Free Moneyline picks from my personal service will help you identify the right way to wager that night, as well as open your eyes to handicapping angles that you missed or weren't familiar with. Key numbers can factor into this, too, with the average NBA game decided by 5-8 points. I gather information, identify the most important data, calculate the likely score on a game, and then compare it with the actual line. Those plays I wager on and release to my clients along with the reasons why.  

Free NBA Moneyline Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NBA Moneyline Picks Pros:

  • Gaining valuable insight without risking any money
  • Knowing which Moneylines are public reactions from those moved by the sharps
  • Selections from a professional expand your insight to multiple ways to find betting value

Free NBA Moneyline Picks Cons:

  • Avoid chasing money and lines moved by the public
  • No capper track records or winning percentages documented
  • Too many Moneyline favorites suggest more a fan than a professional handicapper

Premium Picks Pros:

  • Reasons behind the Moneyline value will be presented (injuries, situation, home dog)
  • The best picks have ratings with money management advise
  • Correlated Moneylines are common (the same underdog on the Moneyline + the points)

Premium Picks Cons:

  • You spend revenue twice: On the paid picks, then again backing the plays
  • Wagering can bring stress and sap your sports entertainment viewing
  • It may be impossible to verify the website's reputation and past wins/losses

How To Win With Free NBA Moneyline Picks

Beginning your day by gathering information along with free NBA moneyline picks gets you a head start on being completely prepared to attack the softest odds. Getting insight on moneyline movement from an established betting professional gives you an even bigger edge. And you're in the right hands as I incorporate multiple factors when looking for NBA point spread, total, and Moneyline advantages.  

Free NBA Moneyline Picks Betting Strategy

Moneyline Movement

Odds move because of an imbalance of action. More money is coming in on the home team, for instance, than on the visitors. The sportsbooks are then forced to adjust the lines. Anyone can follow the money, but only those with a keen eye and a lot of wagering experience can anticipate it to lock in the best number. As a general rule, the public likes favorites on the point spread and the underdog on the Moneyline because the payout is larger with dogs. If you like the Moneyline underdog or a marquee showdown during the regular season/playoffs, bet it early. The real value is to understand when big money by a small group of sharp players (Wise Guys) is moving the Moneyline.   This is not only following the money but following experts who wager for a living. Another great value is Moneyline movement towards the underdog when you actually think the favorite is the right side.   An NBA 4-point favorite on the point spread can see the Moneyline drop down from minus-155 to minus-140 or minus-135. That provides you with two strong choices, as backing the Moneyline favorite at minus-135 means they just have to win the game for you to cash.  

Injuries and Coaching History

Injuries happen all the time during an 82-game NBA regular season. Not all injuries knock a player out of a game, either. There are many more nagging injuries that debilitating ones. But it pays to keep track of players who are not 100%.  They are more susceptible to getting a worse injury, or a coach may sit them for a few games to be on the safe side. If a valuable sixth man or terrific scorer off the bench is out, that means the coach has less quality on the bench to turn to. And when starters are ailing that's even a bigger problem. Factor into your handicapping the coach's history. Does he give several starters a night off every few weeks? Does he play his starters a lot because he has little confidence in his bench? It's a way to project how a team is likely to perform and whether they're ripe to win or get upset.  

Moneyline Dogs

The best way to double and triple your money is by picking underdogs on the moneyline that go on to pull the upset. We've even recently witnessed some of the biggest NBA Finals underdogs to win the series with Toronto (+1850) knocking off Golden State and the Cavaliers (+2800) beating the Warriors in 7 games.  With so many regular-season games, NBA underdog winners litter the card each week. Injuries are one factor when the favorite is banged up. Situations are another. When the defending NBA champion is on the road, the home team is often an underdog and can play with enormous energy to try and knock off the champs.   When a good team is on a six-game road trip, many factors are working against them on the long grind, such as road travel, staying in different cities, different hotels, and practicing in facilities they're not accustomed to. A favorite team on a long trip is primed to get upset. In addition, favorites playing three games in four nights can struggle versus teams with extra rest.  

Free NBA Moneyline Picks Subscription

The keys to identifying the best moneyline opportunities are information and betting experience. I have a documented track record that stretches over two decades of beating the books in multiple sports. My releases come with a detailed analysis on why along with the proper money management, the latter is an essential component of winning that many professional services ignore.   It's fun to read about NBA moneyline upsets after they happen, but it's far more fun - and profitable - to anticipate it before it takes place. Signing up for my regular subscription service gives you the valuable edges to accomplish that at no risk or cost.

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