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Excellent call and analysis on the Orange Bowl guys! First time buying your service and my wallet thanks you!! Will do business again.
Mark Marshall, Baltimore, MD

You were so good last year, I would like to subscribe to this year's football picks. No hard sell, no high school drop out loud mouth jerks, none of the stuff that has for too long been associated with getting sports picks. I thank you for running such a first class operation. You make it a pleasure to do business. Thanks, Al
Al Collins, Brighton, IL

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College Football Picks

We all know about the rich tradition of college football. The history, the rivalries and the pageantry are as rich and as diverse as the country itself. With that, the face of college football is changing. Over the last couple of years, conferences are re-aligning; rich, storied rivalries have been dissolved and a seismic shift in college football is underway. With the recent announcement that college football is moving towards a playoffs system, it is clear that the old way of handicapping college football games is gone. Sure, you still have to know Xs and Os and understand and factor-in things like personnel, injuries, and momentum. But now you have to factor in new matchups and how these different alignments will affect how you make your college football picks.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that you get your free college football picks from a sports handicapper who has had a proven record through all the different changes to this sport. As things change, I will work my hardest to continue to be your No. 1 source for sports handicapping information and advice.

Speaking of track record, I have weathered changes to the college football landscape before. Several years ago, college football went through another huge change with the advent of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). All of a sudden, winning was no longer enough for a school to be considered tops in the nation. More and more variables were introduced to determine a "true" National Champion. More emphasis was placed on factors like a team's strength of schedule made betting on college football even harder. Along with the advent of the BCS, coaches' challenges, and updated overtime rules forced me to adapt. I have successfully updated my unique system for making college football bets. All of my research, raw data and profitable situations are always up-to-date, cutting edge and are simply the best around. And just because it may be the offseason, I'm not resting on my laurels. In order to back-up my proven successful track record, I never stop working. So when spring games evolve to the regular season, conference schedule and bowl games, rest assured that I will have my finger on the pulse of the new college football landscape. If you are ready to take your college football plays to the next level, make the right call and join me. Sign up for free college football picks and start winning now!

Wunderdog Sports Take on Betting and the BCS

It used to be that a winning record was enough. Now you have to have a tough schedule, run the score up on your opponents, and win all of your games. My college picks take these new rules into account. While this might make for an undisputed champion (although you'll be hard presses to find anyone who would agree to that), it has done some tricky things to college football betting. You now need to have the insight & knowledge in order to beat the bookmaker week in and week out when it comes to the BCS.

The BCS equation makes it so that taking the points can be a dangerous proposition, unless you get your free college football predictions from a trusted source. Teams now have an incentive to run up the score and keep their best players in for the entire game. This does make it difficult to take the points, while also doing some other interesting things to the rest of the season.

No score is ever safe, but what the BCS does for the college football betting world is give us a little security from point shaving; however, it also forces people who are looking for free college football predictions to really consider their source when choosing the underdog. And as long as you are using my picks, you are on solid ground. Picking underdogs is just my game.

Prior College Football Picks


Alabama vs. Clemson
Monday 01/11 08:30 PM Eastern

1 unit on Alabama -6.5 (-105) (risk 1 to win 0.95)

The ACC has not played well this Bowl season and now another ACC team, unbeaten Clemson, has to step way up in class against mighty Alabama. The Tigers are a young team with a t...


West Virginia vs. Arizona State
Saturday 01/02 10:15 PM Eastern

1 unit on West Virginia -1 (-110) (risk 1 to win 0.91)

CACTUS BOWL: This one is just 10 miles off the Arizona State campus, so there will certainly be a great deal of support behind the Sun Devils, and they may need it. Arizona Stat...


TCU vs. Oregon
Saturday 01/02 06:45 PM Eastern

1 unit on TCU +7 (-105) (risk 1 to win 0.95)

ALAMO BOWL: These teams had designs on a National Championship, or at least a Final Four destination, but have followed a similar negative track. The Ducks and the Frogs both pl...


Mississippi vs. Oklahoma State
Friday 01/01 08:30 PM Eastern

1 unit on Oklahoma State +9.5 (-105) (risk 1 to win 0.95)

SUGAR BOWL: At 10-0 the Cowboys were thinking playoffs, but they lost their last two games to fall out of the picture. Since 1980, there have only been four power conference tea...


Iowa vs. Stanford
Friday 01/01 05:00 PM Eastern

1 unit on Iowa +205 (moneyline) (risk 1 to win 2.05)

ROSE BOWL: Iowa has been disrespected all season as they came within three points of coming into this game at 13-0. Iowa has been noted as a team that was lucky, bypassing Michi...


Florida vs. Michigan
Friday 01/01 01:00 PM Eastern

1 unit on Florida +175 (moneyline) (risk 1 to win 1.75)

CITRUS BOWL: This will probably be a sleepy game for a lot of those that like offense, as the total is the lowest of all Bowls currently residing at 38.5. Neither of these teams...

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When I first came across the Wunderdog, I couldn't believe the underdogs he was picking. Well, now I am a believer. Great picks and advice all season long. Keep up the great work.
Greg S.,

I appreciate the honesty of your site as you tell it like it happens. You have been up-front in stating your record in both the Pro and College picks. That says volumes in a profession where more are selling both sides of the game and so will always have some happy bettors unless you are always getting the losing side. I appreciate the work ethic that you have displayed in what I have received and would not hesitate to recommend my friends to purchase your picks. Thank you for allowing me to view your work and see what you claim and what you provide to those that come to your site
Cliff Meyer, Modesto CA

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