40-17 (70%) over past 8 years including 7-1 on game winners:

Super Bowl XLII (2008): 3-1 including NYG winner
Super Bowl XLIII (2009): 5-1 including Arizona winner
Super Bowl XLIV (2010): 4-0 including New Orleans winner
Super Bowl XLV (2011): 5-1 including Green Bay winner
Super Bowl XLVI (2012): 4-2 including NYG winner
Super Bowl XLVII (2013): 6-2-1 including Baltimore winner
Super Bowl XLVIII (2014): 5-4 including Seattle winner
Super Bowl XLIX (2015): 8-6 with Seattle loser


I have been betting on football for over 15 years. While I have only known Wunderdog this past season, his insight has helped me to add to my profits greatly. Wunderdog has what it takes to win in the NFL. The insight shown, and selections made, leave little doubt that WUNDERdog will provide WUNDERful profits for those who follow his advice!
B. Simpson, New York NY

I have been on many different sports services in the last 20 yrs and I must say in the N.F.L I've never been more impressed. its like your psychic
Paul Blasetti, Rochester, NY

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NFL Expert Football Picks

NFL Football is a great game and we all love it! We love to gather our friends and family together for a good time in front of the TV, or tailgating in the parking lot before going in to the stadiums to cheer on our team to victory.

So it should come as no surprise that 64% of all Americans watch NFL football. But, did you know that 73% of all American men watch it too? Wait, you’re saying guys like football? Yes, I’ll give you a minute to let the shock and awe of that last revelation sink in.

Not only guys watch the NFL, as it is estimated that 55% of ladies watch it too. So what’s the big deal?

For one thing we all like watching someone perform a skill that we do not possess. Be it a Chinese acrobat or a professional athlete, we all marvel at the skill, talent and dedication that is needed to make something so difficult look effortless. And we love to watch it!

Not to mention the fact that we can shout obscenities at our TVs, eat copious amounts of snack foods, and probably drink a little too much as we cheer on our teams.

OK, so we’ve determined that all mankind loves to watch football. But there is more to hunkering down on the couch for a 6-7 hour gorge fest. We can make our NFL football watching experience more exciting by making it profitable.

A conservative estimate says that as recently as Sept. 2012, over $50 million per week in the NFL season is wagered in Nevada alone. Add in all the bets that are processed at online sportsbooks and that number climbs to stratospheric heights.

Yeah we watch a lot of football and watch a ton of highlights, making us somewhat of an expert, right? So how do we get our share of that pie? The answer is simple, but the reality is much more difficult.

The simple answer is that we bet on the winning team, but that is much easier said than done. It takes an expert to make Expert Football Picks. You might be a football expert at this point, but without knowing the ins-and-outs, your Football Expert Picks are likely to lose.

There is much more to betting on NFL games than just picking your favorite team week in and week out. Unless your NFL team is somehow the 1972 Miami Dolphins, your NFL Expert predictions are going to lose all your money. No NFL team goes undefeated in this new era of the NFL.

What you need to do to have the best Expert NFL Picks is to do A LOT of homework. It’s pretty easy to do, really. All you need to do is read every article ever written about the NFL over the last forty years. Collect all the statistics of every game in the league’s history, pour over injury reports, offensive and defensive trends, field condition reports, etc., etc.

Once you’ve done all that take all of your raw data and turn it into a giant mathematical algorithm that can predict the outcomes of future NFL games. That’s all there is to it!

I have been making successful NFL picks for a long time, and getting started with me is easy – no, I mean it this time.

Simply sign up to receive my Free Expert NFL Picks. Each week you will get an example of how I make my selections, and how my in-depth write-ups that accompany each pick are clear and easy to read with all the professional insight you expect from a real expert. and easy to read with all the professional insight you expect from a real expert. Most of all, you’ll get example of how my NFL predictions simply win more.

NFL Matchups & Computer Predictions

NFL Football

Matchups & Computer Predictions

Sun Aug, 30 2015 Game  
4:00pm EDT Houston Texans @ New Orleans Saints view matchup »
8:00pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Oakland Raiders view matchup »
Thu Sep, 10 2015 Game  
8:30pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots view matchup »
Sun Sep, 13 2015 Game  
1:00pm EDT Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Miami Dolphins @ Washington Redskins view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ Jacksonville Jaguars view matchup »
1:00pm EDT Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans view matchup »

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NFL Office Pool Picks

Prior NFL Football Picks


San Francisco at Denver
Saturday 08/29 09:00 PM Eastern

1.5 units on Denver -5 (-110) (risk 1.5 to win 1.36)

This is a tough spot for the rebuilding 49ers, heading out on the road to Denver. They've lost so much depth and talent since last season, along with their very good head coach....


New York at New York
Saturday 08/29 07:00 PM Eastern

1 unit on New York PICK (-125) (risk 1 to win 0.80)

A pair of New York area rivals square off - and the Giants have the better all-around team, especially behind center. The Jets have had a rough preseason, with players getting s...


Cleveland at Tampa Bay
Saturday 08/29 07:00 PM Eastern

1 unit on Cleveland +3 (-110) (risk 1 to win 0.91)

The Cleveland Browns may be 0-2 but they've been in every game, losing by just 1 and 3 points. Josh McCown is listed as the #1 QB and that's a blessing as overrated Johnny Manzi...


Detroit at Jacksonville
Friday 08/28 08:00 PM Eastern

1.5 units on Detroit +113 (moneyline) (risk 1.5 to win 1.70)

The young Jaguars are rebuilding and retooling (again). But they looked like the old Jaguars last week, getting shut down at the NY Giants in a 23-12 defeat. The same old proble...


Cincinnati at Tampa Bay
Monday 08/24 08:00 PM Eastern

2 units on Cincinnati +3 (-125) (risk 2 to win 1.60)

The Bengals have great depth on defense and a ball control style on offense. The Bengals QB rotation is sound with Andy Dalton, A.J. McCarron, Josh Johnson, and Keith Wenning. C...


Denver at Houston
Saturday 08/22 08:00 PM Eastern

1.5 units on Denver +3 (-125) (risk 1.5 to win 1.20)

New coaches almost always want to impress their new fans and bosses, even in preseason. Denver has a new coach in Gary Kubiak and he impressed last week, winning at Seattle as a...

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2015 NFL Biggest Headlines

The NFL dominated the headlines this offseason including a record contracts, off the field conduct issues and the latest issues dealing with Deflategate. All of these headlines all will have a direct impact on the 2015 NFL season as well as which direction many sports bettors may look to go […]  

Week #1 – NCAA College Football Picks & Pr...

The first 2015 NCAA preseason polls have dropped as the Ohio State Buckeyes claim the top spot. For many this was expected after the type of season the Buckeyes put together finishing it off taking home the first playoff system National Championship last season. What many didn’t expect was sitting […]  

2015-2016 NFL Football Season Contenders

The 2015 NFL Preseason is here as the regular season is just around the corner. The question many sports bettors continue to ask is which teams around the NFL can contend for not only a division title but a chance to take home the Super Bowl Trophy at Super Bowl […]  

Monday Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Cincinnati...

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers insisted they checked out Jameis Winston thoroughly before making him the #1 overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. So now they are betting their immediate future on him. Fans of the team will be looking for something better out of him than they saw the […]  

Saturday Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Col...

The Chicago Bears made John Fox’s debut as head coach a success, although it was the reserves who really made things happen. That. of course, bodes well when it comes to the pre-season, when players beyond the first unit get the lion’s share of playing time. On Saturday night the […]  

New York Giants vs Jacksonville Jaguars Sa...

The New York Giants were a huge disappointment as they stumbled around on offense last week. That is one area in which they need to show some progress as they move into the second game of their pre-season against theJacksonville Jaguars in an NFL game that is set to get […]  

Thursday Detroit Lions vs. Washington Reds...

The Detroit Lions have some issues with their defensive line, but they are offering evidence that their offensive unit is still very cohesive. The Washington Redskins may have something of a quarterback battle on their hands, based on a big game from a backup last week. These teams will meet […]  

NFL Preseason Picks – Green Bay Packers vs...

It is not uncommon for teams in the NFL to play each other on an annual basis in the pre-season. It is simply a convenient arrangement. But the game on Thursday night between the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers is going to be an exception to this rule, […]  

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Statistics, analysis of coaching staff, team depth and game plans are all part of my handicapping approach to making money betting the NFL pre-season.  

NFL Regular Season Philosophy

Betting the underdog has been my NFL regular season strategy for years. Here I explain six reasons why betting the underdog makes more sense and how you can profit..  

NFL Post Season Philosophy

This is my take on the NFL post season and how it differs from the regular season, important information to know when making your playoff picks.  

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Wunderdog Sports Picks is an excellent long term investment and I want you to know how much you can expect to win vs. other investment opportunities.  

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Before you bet on this year's NFL season win totals, sign up for my NFL season win predictions and I'll give you my predictions on who I think will win how many games.  

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Real time lines and odds for all upcoming NFL games: check out full game ATS, Totals, Moneylines and first half ATS and Totals.  

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Your game insight and consistent success never ceases to amaze me. Some use the shotgun method, but you're more like a sharp shooter. Week in and week out I can count on you to uncover good, solid opportunities. I'm also very impressed with your overall philosophy. In my humble opinion, you are right on! To Wunderdog's site visitors: This guy is (and has been) on to something. Two years in a row is no fluke. If you're looking for cream of the crop predictions, give Wunderdog a long hard look. His overall philosophy is right on, and his predictions prove it.
Bruce D., nfladvantage.com

It's always great to see a handicapping service that takes a sensible approach, doesn't make outlandish claims, and, most important, has the results of every single play posted -- both on its Web site and on the site of an independent monitoring service. Any service unwilling to do that should never be trusted. As for Wunderdog's approach to beating the NFL, what makes better sense than to focus on underdogs that have an excellent chance to win games outright? Nothing! In the age of parity, it's dangerous to play favorites in the NFL, although the public continues to lay the wood and drive up the line. So, I'll gladly take Wunderdog's advice and grab the points, knowing that many times with his plays I won't even need the points.
D.L. Douglas, Austin TX

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