Hey people, the dog is the real deal. Wunderdog does his homework and gets the winners period. He's made a winner week after week.

You guys are the best. You guys are absolutely unreal. Your picks are the best around. A lot of my picks are the same as yours and as soon as I see you like what I like its for sure.
Jim Hayes, Illinois

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Wunderdog's Parlay Club

Win more often!

Do you like to root for great teams, but don't like having to lay big odds to do so? Then the Dog's Parlay Club is for you.

How many times have you bet on a big favorite only to see them win their game but fall short of the spread? Wouldn't it be nice to win your bets instead in that situation? The Dog's Parlay Club offers you this opportunity.

“In the Club, your teams win at a much higher rate.

Achieve that great winning feeling much more often!”

The Old Way: Two Bad Options for Betting Big Favorites
Betting on big favorites has historically required choosing between two very unattractive options:

  1. You can bet your favorite against the spread (which is often inflated), hoping they cover a large spread. Typically these bets win around 50% of the time, losing money in the long term. Half of the time (or more) you are dissapointed in the outcome.
  2. You can bet the big favorite to win straight-up on the moneyline, risking a lot to win a little (example -400 odds). While the winning rate here is high, it's not fun to risk $400 to win $100. When these teams do lose, it really hurts. Who wants to lay those kind of odds?

The New Way: A Better Way to Bet Big Favorites
With the Dog's Parlay Club, you have a new option - a better way to bet big favorites. You can bet select favorites to win straight-up, at very reasonable odds.

I have spent over 20 years studying sports betting. As part of this process, I have developed a system that selects a small subset of favorites that I believe to be good bets. My system goes one step further, putting these teams into moneyline parlays that offer reasonable odds.

The result? We get to root for big favorites to win their games outright. We don't need them to cover large spreads - just get the win. This results in the emotional high associated with winning at a much higher rate.

How It Works
The Dog's Parlay Club provides parlays of teams on the moneyline, puckline or runline (parlays consisting of two or more favorites picked to win their games straight up). Since we are putting these favorites into parlays, the odds you need to lay drop dramatically. Take this for example:

  • Team A is favorite with odds of -225 on the moneyline
  • Team B is favorite with odds of -260 on the moneyline
  • Team C is favorite with odds of -200 on the moneyline

To bet these teams straight-up, you must risk $685 to win $300. Not fun.

But, if we put them into a parlay, we get odds of +200.

The Upside: Instead of risking $685 to win $300, we risk $100 to win $200!

And, we get to root for our big favorites to simply win their games outright (without any spread to cover). When they win by a small amount, we win instead of losing.

Of course, if a team loses, the bet loses, so the key is making sure these bets win at high rate. My research has helped me identify only the favorites that have a very high (higher than expected) chance of winning. The teams put into these parlays are selected after very careful consideration. Only a very small subset of favorites make the cut.

What to Expect as Part of The Club
You can expect two things from the Dog's Parlay Club:

  1. To win! You can expect to show positive net units in the end.
  2. To have more fun doing it! It's always fun to root for favorites to win.

You can expect games in the parlays to have a 75-80% win rate on average. Some will win at a rate closer to 65% and some will win at a rate closer to 90%, but on average we will get an average win rate in the 75%-80% range. The parlays themselves will win at a 50%-65% rate on average (agian sometimes higher or lower but the bulk will fall in this range).

Given the high game win-rate, and the benefit of rooting for superior teams to simply win their games outright, you will have more fun rooting for these picks because you will win more often.

The parlays will include teams across all sports that are active at the time. I will release one to two parlays per day on average (some days will have none, some days will have more). We will not have picks every day because I am being very selective on the teams that qualify for the system. I will never "force" a play just to have action.

The parlay odds will usually be in the range of -200 to +200. This means you will usually be risking $100 to win anywhere from $50 to $200 on average. Occassionaly, odds will fall outside this range, resulting in lower or higher payouts for a $100 bet, but the majority will fal within in the -200 to +200 range.

This service is independent of my other more traditional offerings and can be purchased in addition to, or in place of any of my other picks packages.

Prior Parlay Club Picks


Arizona (NHL-51) PUCKLINE + Golden State (NBA-714) MONEYLINE
Monday 11/09 10:05 PM Eastern

1 unit on 2 Team Parlay: (-139) (risk 1 to return 1.72)

Combine the Warriors (-1200) and the Coyotes +1.5 (-170) into a 2-team parlay at -139 odds.


Saturday 11/07 03:30 PM Eastern

2 units on 2 Team Parlay: (-267) (risk 2 to return 2.75)

Combine the Trojans (-1000) and the Badgers (-400) into a 2-team parlay at -267 odds.


Florida International (CFB-344) MONEYLINE + Louisville (CFB-346) MONEYLINE + Ohio State (CFB-412) MONEYLINE
Saturday 11/07 12:00 PM Eastern

2 units on 3 Team Parlay: (-288) (risk 2 to return 2.69)

Combine the Golden Panthers (-800) and the Cardinals (-750) and the Buckeyes (-1775) into a 3-team parlay at -288 odds.


Tulsa (CFB-372) MONEYLINE + Western Kentucky (CFB-330) MONEYLINE + Stanford (CFB-369) MONEYLINE
Saturday 11/07 12:00 PM Eastern

2 units on 3 Team Parlay: (-330) (risk 2 to return 2.61)

Combine the Cardinal (-855) and the Golden Hurricane (-850) and the Hilltoppers (-2300) into a 3-team parlay at -330 odds.


Notre Dame (CFB-405) MONEYLINE + Tennessee (CFB-380) MONEYLINE
Saturday 11/07 12:00 PM Eastern

2 units on 2 Team Parlay: (-221) (risk 2 to return 2.9)

Combine the Volunteers (-840) and the Fighting Irish (-335) into a 2-team parlay at -221 odds.


Western Kentucky (CFB-330) MONEYLINE + Ohio State (CFB-412) MONEYLINE + San Antonio (NBA-708) MONEYLINE
Saturday 11/07 12:00 PM Eastern

1 unit on 3 Team Parlay: (-336) (risk 1 to return 1.3)

Combine the Buckeyes (-1775) and the Spurs (-565) and the Hilltoppers (-2300) into a 3-team parlay at -336 odds.

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Very impressive! I have found that picking underdogs provides the best winning % - keep it up! thanks.
Paul B., Washington DC

Good customer service is every bit as important as a good winning percentage and you have done well on both fronts. Keep up the good work! Raj
Raj N,Princeton, NJ

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