Basketball picksFebruary 23, 2013

What Wins in March?

As you go forward with your college basketball picks, you may be thinking about March. Perhaps you want to lay down some money on a futures bet that will pay off big if your team wins. Maybe you are doing something different. But you need to think long and hard about what wins in March. So what does win in March? Is there one style of play that is better for winning there? The truth is that style of play really doesn’t matter. But certain other factors do.

Kentucky won last year, and they play a very fast style. Louisville came very close to winning, and they play a methodical pace. Kansas and Ohio State are somewhere in-between, and they got to the Final Four, as well. This shows us that any style can do well in March, so long as the team plays that style well. The things that matter in March are taking good shots, getting to the free throw line, and rebounding the ball. To a lesser extent, the ability to not turn the ball over is an important factor. If a team can do these things, they will show a better ability to win in March.

You need to be targeting those teams that are able to limit good shots. You might also look to those teams that can defend the three-point line. Defending the line is about more than just holding the opponent to a low percentage from there. In addition, you need to look at those teams that do not allow their opponents to get a shot off. A big part of playing defense is being able to run people off of the line. Look to these teams if you want to have March Madness betting success in March.