Baseball picksMay 31, 2012

Using Umpire Data in MLB

Though it should not be the case, umpires in MLB have different strike zones. Some guys have tight zones. Other guys have wide zones. Umpires even differ on whether they call high or low strikes. It truly is a craps shoot when it comes to properly predicting umpires. The good news is that many umpires are consistent from game to game and year to year. When an ump has a small or large zone, he tends to keep that zone constant. You need to understand whether you are dealing with a pitcher’s ump or a hitter’s ump.

This is especially true when you are betting on totals. Many people make their hay in the MLB by betting on totals. Others like to bet on sides. If you are going to make money with your MLB betting, then you have to utilize umpire data. You can use various websites to figure out who is going to be umpiring a game. From there, you have to understand where each ump falls on the grand spectrum. This will give you the best opportunity to make an accurate bet that comes with a solid edge.


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