Basketball picksMarch 24, 2010

Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament Picks & Predictions vs. the Spread

Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament Picks & Predictions vs. the Spread

In the Zone- How does it affect your Sweet 16 Predictions and NCAA Tournament Picks ?

One team that I want to talk about as we head into the NCAA tournament is Syracuse. Many bettors might be overlooking the Cuse, and who could blame them? They’ve dropped two straight games and their early exit from the Big East tournament is a certain reason for concern. But you better know that the NCAA Tournament and NCAA picks is an entirely different kettle of fish. I like Syracuse for bettors heading into the tournament for a host of reasons. Their two straight losses is a big part of it, since this means that they will likely be getting deflated lines when the big dance starts.

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So why does the Wundercat love Syracuse so much in tournament play? Look past that foolish Big East tournament loss and take a look at their defense. The Orange are in the zone, quite literally. They play a 2-3 zone that is difficult to prepare for, since most teams these days are playing man to man. When they get into the tournament, teams with a short week to prepare for Syracuse will have a hard time beating them on the offensive end, and I can see teams trying to launch bad shots over the top of the zone. There’s nothing good about that, and it is what jump starts the Syracuse fast break.

Not only does Syracuse play a zone, but they play it well. They have long, athletic bodies all over the court, and this makes it an even bigger challenge for opposing offenses. Keep this in mind when you’re putting together March Madness picks, and take a look at the under in Cuse games, as well. Who knows what seed they will draw and what their exact path will be in the Big Dance, but there is value in Syracuse right now.

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