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Baseball picksMay 4, 2012

Starting pitching matters in MLB betting

One of the fundamentals of MLB betting  & MLB picks is that starting pitching is very important. In Major League Baseball, no one player has a bigger impact on the game than the pitcher. A good pitcher can lead a bad team to a win over a bad pitcher on a good team. This means that you need to analyze the starting pitching above all else. This is what will help you get ahead with your MLB betting. Learn the things that matter when it comes to starting pitching analysis.

So what things make good pitchers? You need to look to strikeout rate, walk rate, groundball rate, and home run rate. These are four stats that tend to be predictive going forward. A player can get lucky and avoid earned runs for a few innings. Pitchers who strike guys out, avoid walks, and keep the ball on the ground are going to sustain their performance into the future. These are the guys who are going to be good bets going forward. Try to look for these types of pitchers as you move forward with your MLB betting approach.