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Sports picksMay 17, 2012

Sports Betting and the theoretical edge

Sports Betting and the theoretical edge

When it comes to sports betting & sports picks, there is one very important term that you have to have in mind. That term is theoretical edge. Every single bet that you make should have some basis in value. That means that if you were to make that bet 100 times, you might win 55 or 56 of those bets. This means that you have an edge and it means that you will make a profit over the long haul. So how do you know if you have an edge? This is something that is much too complicated to discuss in 200 words, but you have to have some statistical basis for your reasoning.

You need to have some sort of model that produces results. The model needs to be tested against the results in other seasons. The model is simply your way of adding value to all of your bets. This means that you will be making bets that are likely to produce winning results. It is true that no person is going to win every single time. The idea, at the end of the day, is to win more than you lose. This is where your theoretical edge comes in play.


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