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Basketball picksFebruary 7, 2013

Should you Fade the Lakers Soon?

The Los Angeles Lakers just lost Pau Gasol for more than a month. Dwight Howard is in and out of the lineup because of a bad shoulder. Steve Nash looks old, and Kobe Bryant looks mad. This looks like a team that is going to struggle coming up. But should you be trying to fade them with your NBA picks? These are the things that you have to consider if you are going to be a serious NBA bettor. You have to go the other way from the public when the time is right. Right now might be the time to bet with the Lakers, as the rest of the world is going to bet against them.

The thing about making NBA bets is that there is a point spread you have to consider. Even though you might think the Lakers are going to struggle, you have to realize that the market is going to adjust to some of the things that are going on. The market is going to overreact to these injuries. This means that these people will drive the lines on the teams that are facing off against the Lakers. You might be able to find some good value if you are willing to take the risk of betting on this injured Lakers team.

Looking forward, you need to do your best to find spots to bet on the Lakers. Those spots will usually come at home, and they will usually come against teams that do not have a strong inside presence. If you can do that and you have the guts to make the picks, you might end up with a very good situation. The goal as a sports bettor is to find value whenever you can. Finding value means that you have to go with those teams that the public does not recognize. The Lakers look like one of those teams right now.