Football picksOctober 13, 2014

NFL Handicapping: Three Types of Weather That You Need to Analyze

NFL Handicapping: Three Types of Weather That You Need to AnalyzeThere are lots of skills that can help you with your football¬†picks. Who would have thought that one of the skills was being a good weatherman? While you don’t need to be Jim Cantorie in order to make football picks, you do need to have some understanding of the various factors that can influence outcomes. Here are three weather types to think about.

People underestimate the effect of wind when they look at lines. While rain and things can get lots of attention, it is wind that can impact two critical aspects of a game – kicking and passing. If you are looking at a matchup between a good running team and a good passing team in a windy environment, then you might want to favor the club that can run the football.

Of course, rain is the most common thing you will encounter when you handicap. As you make those football picks, know that the impact of rain will depend upon how much there is. When teams are playing in intense rain, the impact on the passing game with be substantial. However, if the rain is light, then there can actually be a positive effect for offense. A slightly slick field is good for offense, while a drenched field can slow things down.

Extreme Cold
Extreme cold can make kicking more difficult, but it has not been demonstrated to have a huge impact on scoring unless it is accompanied by some other factor, like wind. However, teams that often play in the cold are often better prepared for these challenges, especially when they are up against teams that play in a dome.