Baseball picksMay 31, 2012

MLB Betting on the Five-Inning Line

Many bettors today are not looking to bet on baseball in non-traditional ways. One of the best ways to make this happen is to bet on the five inning line. You can make a wager on who will be winning at the end of five innings. So is this a bet you should be making? Under what circumstances should you consider adding the five inning wager to your repertoire? That is an interesting questions that you need to think about if you are going to maximize your value as a Major League Baseball bettor.


Five inning bets are much better used when you are faced with bullpen uncertainty. When bullpens are tired, managers will often take it easy on them. Managers might choose not to use a better reliever, putting a poor pitcher into an important spot. This can be a tough thing for people who are not exactly familiar with the way things work. If you have a good feel for starting pitching strength, then you can go confidently with this approach. This will take some of the bullpen uncertainty out of the equation. It can ultimately make you a much more effective bettor over the long run.


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