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Baseball picksMay 1, 2012

MLB Betting in the early season

In the early part of the year, there are some special challenges associated with MLB betting. One of the issues has to do with hitters being ahead of pitchers. It can take pitchers longer to find their stuff or find their velocity. This often means that pitchers will struggle to get guys out in the early part of the year. This will begin to change as the year moves along. You should be thinking about taking advantage of some totals early in the year if you are looking to make a good profit.

Another thing that you need to think about early in the year is the lack of information. Too many people view stats without the proper context. They try to draw MLB betting conclusions from a couple of games of data. This is a poor idea and will leave you in a world of hurt. If you are going to be successful with your MLB betting, you need to only use large sample sizes of data. Don’t overreact to a bad couple of weeks for a player. Try to look at the body of a pitcher’s work when analyzing who you are going to pick.


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