Basketball picksFebruary 23, 2013

Late Game Situations in College Basketball

When you make your college basketball predictions, you will need to consider late game situations. You have to consider how late game spots play out in regard to the point spread. If the game is under 10 points in margin, then the late game situation is going to play out in either one way or another. In one case, the team with the lead might start adding to its lead with free throws. In another case, the team that’s up will miss its free throws and allow some buckets on the other end. It could go either way, and you owe it to yourself to think about this before investing your money.

With that in mind, what things should you consider before making those college basketball picks. First, you might want to think about a team’s free throw shooting prowess. Does a team have a lot of good shooters to fill out the end of the game? You need to think about more than just the best shooter. In many cases, the opposing team will force the ball out of the best shooter’s hands. This will lead to poorer free throw shooters taking those shots. You should look at the team and determine whether there are two or three people who you would trust to take free throws.

In addition, you need to study how a team plays the final minutes. Many teams will play defense in the end-game to disallow three point baskets. They will run people off of the three point line, forcing those teams to take layups. Though this might help a team win, it can hurt you with your college basketball picks. It can mean that the trailing team gets a lot of easy points late in the game. This will make it much more difficult for your side to cover the spread, especially when that spread if higher than four or five.