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Recognizing the value of bullpens
All too often with baseball handicapping and MLB picks , bettors are willing to look hard at the starting pitching and they are willing to take account of a team’s offense. What they sometimes ignore is the bullpen, and that can be a huge mistake. Whether you are betting totals or sides this MLB season, you need to start recognizing just how important bullpens can be. Though the starters have their names listed beside the bets when you make them each morning, it is often a bunch of guys you have never heard of who will decide your fate in the late innings. It is not that hard to study up on these guys, just to see who has the right stuff.

If you have ever been on the wrong side of a big blown lead, then you know what I am talking about. But the big question becomes, “How do we measure bullpen effectiveness?” Most will tell you that strikeouts, walks, and home runs allowed are the best way to evaluate relievers. Go find out which teams have bullpens full of guys who can control the strike zone and keep the ball in the park. This is important from the first inning to the last, but the mistakes are magnified late in games.

Additionally, Wundercat knows that there’s some value in being versatile. You want to have your money on those bullpens that have lots of different styles. Because bullpen use is mostly situational, teams with a couple of lefties, a groundball specialty, and a right handed specialist will be of the most value. These are teams that can get themselves out of jams when they arise. You won’t think about this until some guy comes in the 8th inning and gets a double play ball to preserve your lead, but it’s time to recognize up front that bullpens are pivotal in handicapping.

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