Basketball picksMarch 8, 2010

Free College Basketball Picks, 2010 NCAA Picks & March Madness Picks

Free College Basketball Picks, 2010 NCAA Picks & March Madness Picks

College Basketball Picks & NCAA Picks: Teams losing tread on the tires

College basketball teams are like cars, and the season is like a long life span for those vehicles. They start out on the assembly line, and then they’re tested early in the year. The kinks are worked out before Christmas, as teams start hitting their stride. Before too long, the season starts to wear on those cars and they’re running with 100,000 miles on the motor. These teams start losing a lot of tread on their tires, and they just don’t perform to what you might have seen earlier in the year. So how do we spot those teams? How does Wundercat pick out the squads that look to be a little light in tread?

One indicator is how teams are performing in the second half of their late games. Does a team run out to leads, only to fade away as the game goes along? These are the squads to keep an eye on, because chances are strong that they are just running on fumes at this point. You will want to watch them down the stretch, as there might some value to betting against them. One good example right now is South Carolina, and they are interesting because they fall into another category, too.

Beware of those teams that make their living by pressing all game long. These teams are stomping on the gas, over and over, and it can wear on their players. As the year goes along, smart coaches start going deeper into the bench and playing more guys. Some coaches will just run their guys right into the ground, though, and they will start losing games in bunches. Make sure you know the warning signs, so that you don’t have your cold cash on squads that enter tough games with literally no chance to pull off a victory.

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