AI Sports Picks & Betting Predictions: Are they Better than Humans

AI picks are the new rage in the sports betting industry, but are they worth it? Do the machine learning tools make a difference?

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Will AI revolutionize the sports betting industry

So are AI sports picks & machine learning sports betting predictions better than human picks? The answer is yes and no. The bottom line is that you cannot compare human beings with Artificial Intelligence.

They are very different. Here are a few of the main differences between artificial intelligence and human prediction:

5 Reasons to use Machine Learning AI Sports Picks & Predictions

(1) Machine learning sports betting predictions are not subject to emotions

For example, when a machine is programmed for AI betting predictions, it makes its decisions without emotion or feelings. It does not care if your favorite sports team wins or loses. Nor does it get upset if the picks do not work out in favor of the bettor.

Human beings, however, can be subject to emotions and feelings that interfere with their ability to make good bets. Furthermore, human beings sometimes lack objectivity when making picks due to personal biases and desires related to certain outcomes.

(2) Machine learning sports picks do not have bias against certain sports teams

Artificial Intelligence has no bias against any particular sports teams. For example, people tend to favor their own home town teams. This is only natural.

However, human beings will often let these biases influence their ability to make good bets on sports games involving their favorite teams.

(3) Machine learning sports picks are not easily influenced by the media (and social media)

Artificial Intelligence cannot be easily influenced or manipulated by the media or social media like Twitter and Facebook. On the other hand, human beings are notoriously swayed by what they read in the news and see on TV.

(4) Machine learning sports picks are not easily influenced by your personal outlook

AI is not influenced by your personal outlook or feelings. For example, some people feel that they cannot lose. They lack the objectivity to make good sports picks because their expectations are too high.

On the other hand, machine learning predictions can be programmed to expect any outcome. There is no emotional baggage attached to the AI predictions process.

(5) AI sports picks do not lose money due to lack of self-discipline

Our experience with artificial intelligence has shown us that it does not suffer from a lack of self-discipline (and human error). This means that you will not need to spend hours following up on missed picks or bad plays.

However, with human beings, there is always the issue of lack of discipline and procrastination. These factors tend to play a major role in your ability to make money with sports betting picks

So Should you use AI Tools or go with a Sports Handicapper?

AI data and information is just one part of the equation. You will still need to know how to analyze the data, and how to use it to make good decisions when it comes to choosing your bets. This type of expertise is usually something only an experienced sports handicapper like myself can help you with. If you feel I could be of service to you when it comes to making your next sports bet then please click here and start WINNING with the Dog!