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9 Rules on how to Play & Win Big at GPP Fantasy Football Tournaments

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Every fantasy sports bettor’s dream is to earn big prizes at Daily Sports Fantasy. In DFS football, there are bigger chances of winning, especially when you know how the league works. Apart from that, you also have to form the strongest lineup so you can challenge other fantasy gamblers and bring home the bacon.

One of the DFS football categories that these bettors are looking up to is the GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) games. The bookie sets a guaranteed prize, and bettors must land in the top ten to get the prize based on the placement. Unlike the head-to-head categories, GPP is undoubtedly the best fantasy betting category that can help you balloon your bankroll in a blink of an eye.

While GPP games are larger endeavors, you can venture out in Daily Fantasy Football games, where you have to form the toughest roster possible. To help you achieve that without going through the hassle of interpreting the statistics of each football player, here are some techniques you can surely take advantage of.

Draft The Toughest Quarterback

Quarterbacks play the most critical role in all football matches, including fantasy games. When you bet for the GPP category, don’t risk a QB who can perform every week. Instead, look for a quarterback who has clear goals, who made an impressive performance last season, and has the biggest potential to produce reputable numbers throughout the season.

Form A Solid QB/WR Stack

When you have the best QB in town, he needs a receiver that can equate his performance. These two players are seen to offer many actions in the fantasy field, and a receiver that can deliver an impressive performance like what his QB is doing can indeed help you build a successful GPP DFS football team.

Don’t Focus On The Upside

Remember that it’s not only the QBs and the WRs that need to perform well. All the players inside the field need to produce solid numbers for your team to emerge victoriously. When you pick players for your fantasy team, don’t focus too much on the main talents. Ensure that all the players can make effective touches, as this can generate a big scoring opportunity.

Comprehend Volatility

Volatility refers to the numbers and scorecard of the players either in the previous or current season. When you dream of creating a reliable team to compete in GPP fantasy football, you must comprehend player statistics. It can help you gain more chances of cashing out because you know how to compare every talent’s strengths and opportunities along the way.

Find Multiple Lineups

As they say, the more entries you send, the more chances of winning. It is a concept you can apply when gambling for DFS football games. Dealing with two or more lineups allows you to expand your horizons of edging other fantasy players. You only have to make sure that all your entries can perform well.

Utilize Wide Receivers In The Flex

GPP fantasy football has a slot called “flex.” It is where you can freely pick a player whom you would like to be the game-changer of your DFS roster. When you do this, find the best wide receivers in the league who delivers quality numbers. They are getting the most upside as they are the go-to person for every quarterback who helps them score touchdowns.

Pick Players With Lower Ownership

If you want your DFS football roster to stand out in the field, try to choose players with low ownership percentages. When you have talents where half of the field utilizes them, your chances of winning are too far from your goal. You only have to be sure that these players can generate reputable numbers at the end of the day.

Look For A High Turnover Defense

When playing the GPP DFS football, you must look for a talent that can recover fumbles, force, intercept, and oppose the rival’s QB efficiently. That said, you have to leverage in picking a high turnover defense for your team. When you do this, you are certain that other fantasy bettors would have a hard time scoring a touchdown because they are highly guarded.

Properly Manage Your Bankroll

The last step to consider when playing the GPP DFS football is to manage your bankroll correctly. These fantasy games demand a large amount of money to gamble and make sure to set limits. After all, winning is inevitable because you can’t use any formula to get successful consistently.


Your goal of winning big at Daily Fantasy Sports football is clear when you exert an effort to form a solid team. Remember that you are not risking money for anything you want to lose, so you must play wisely. Thus, as you apply the techniques mentioned above to get big cash outs at GPP fantasy football games, you will surely have the best time of your life.

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