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Friday, October 26th, 2012

Football picksOctober 26, 2012

Week 8 – Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles Game Preview & Prediction

The Atlanta Falcons head into Pennsylvania Sunday to battle a good Philly team. The record might not show it, but Philly has a lot of talent on that sideline. With that said, they have struggled thus far and have had some problems within their coaching ranks. The Eagles are coming off of a bye and that should bode well for their chances. Andy Reid has never lost a game off of a bye, so you can expect his bunch to be ready on Sunday.

The Falcons are still undefeated and are coming off of a bye of their own. They have been one of the most surprising teams in football, and they come into this game as a very slight underdog. The Falcons have one thing going for them in this game – a strong passing attack. Philly has had trouble all year stopping teams that can throw the ball. On top of that, Atlanta has the ability to flush the QB. This could be a big deal against Michael Vick, who has made many mistakes thus far.

The Eagles have a very good shot to win this game. They just need to come out and establish the run. Teams like the Panthers have been able to run the ball and move it through the air against Atlanta. If Philly can get McCoy going early, they could pick up some momentum and win this game. The crowd will be a factor, just like it always is when the game is at the Link.

What will be the outcome of this one? You can look for a relatively high scoring game between two talented teams. The Eagles are much more desperate and they are playing at home. Based on those two factors, you might be wise to give them the edge. Atlanta certainly has the goods to go into Philly and win, but it is not the most likely scenario. In the end, the outcome of this game will come down to which team is most motivated. Philly has every reason to come out firing, but we will have to see whether they do it or not.

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