Monday, May 7th, 2012

Sports picksMay 7, 2012

Fading the public in sports betting

One thing that many people like to do in order to win in sports betting & sports picks has to do with the public. They like to look at who the public is betting on. From there, they like to “fade” the public. This means blindly betting against the team that the public likes in that game. Is this a good strategy for you to engage in? On its own, this is not a good way to bet. When you are using other factors, though, using this strategy can help to put your bets over the top.

You should always try to figure out which side is the public side. When you do this, you will be able to see where the books might want you to bet. When you fade the public in sports betting, you are getting on the side of the sports books. You should know, however, that the public wins sometimes. They sometimes will win those highly square bets. Don’t think that you can become a millionaire by simply betting against the public. It takes more skill than that to come away with a winning season.


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