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Basketball picksDecember 31, 2011

The teams with young guns

The age factor in the NBA does not just apply to older guys. Sure, it might take them a long time to adjust to the shortened preseason. But what about the teams that rely upon young guys? You will want to take note of these teams, too, when you make your NBA picks this season. Making NBA picks on teams that depend upon young guns will leave you in a difficult position early in the season. These guys would usually benefit from having a long time to prepare in practice and in preseason games. That is not the case this year, though.

Know that these teams will get better as the year goes along. This means that you might be able to find value in your free NBA picks as these teams mature. People will remember their early season struggles, but you can be there to swoop in and grab the value where it exists. Do not be afraid to stay away from these teams early on and certainly don’t be trapped into taking them. Making NBA picks on teams that are more established with a regular rotation will help your success rates tremendously.

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Basketball picksDecember 31, 2011

The pace factor in NBA totals

When you make NBA picks on totals, you need to remember one thing. You need to remember that totals are all about pace. Many times, people look at points per game or something of that nature when they bet totals. They rely upon these numbers, but that is not really the way to make NBA picks on totals. These numbers can be misleading and they can hurt your ability to make successful NBA picks. You would be better off familiarizing yourself with totals if you want to make successful picks.

So where do you find information on NBA totals? This information is available from some of the more statistically inclined websites. Remember that you are not limited to the same old, same old when it is your time to make picks. You can also use new age statistics to give you an edge on the competition. Look for these sites to give you stats that will make your total handicapping and your side handicapping more successful in the NBA. This is what those who make good  free NBA picks do on a regular basis.

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Football picksDecember 30, 2011

The NFC South has been interesting this year. Two of the biggest stories play quarterback for these two teams. Last week, Drew Brees threw himself past Dan Marino and into the NFL record books. Cam Newton has also been great this year in his rookie season. In this game, the Saints will be an eight point favorite over the traveling Panthers. The Saints still have a lot to play for, as well, so you shouldn’t expect them to slack off in this game. But can they cover this big number? That is the ultimate question of the day.

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The Saints played one of their best games last week in dispatching Atlanta. Newton and his bunch haven’t been great on the road, even though they were able to beat Houston a couple of days ago. If you are handicapping this game with NFL picks , you will need to determine whether you think the Panthers secondary can keep up with New Orleans. The Saints are likely to have some success. This game will likely fall in the seven to ten point margin, though, making it a tough one for people who are betting an eight-point spread. I would favor the Saints in this game in football picks.


Football picksDecember 30, 2011

The game of the week in week 17 will take place in New York. The Cowboys and Giants are playing in what some might call the NFC East championship game. The winner will make the playoffs, while the loser will be left to lick their wounds over the offseason. So who should you be on when you make your free NFL picks this weekend? Should you be on the enigmatic Cowboys or should you put your money on the homestanding New York Giants? The smart move this week is to favor the Giants, as they have been playing better football and they have a nice home field advantage this week.

The Cowboys have struggled over the last few weeks. They have played very poorly as is their habit late in seasons. The Giants, meanwhile, took down the Jets last week in a tough game. They look to be getting their act together, so you might favor them at home this week. With the tough weather being a real possibility, it makes sense to put your money behind the New York team over a Dallas team that has truly lacked mental toughness this season. Consider these factors as you make your NFL picks this week

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Football picksDecember 30, 2011

How often do you see a defending Superbowl champion, sitting at 14-1, and an underdog at home? That is what’s going to happen this weekend when the Lions head into Green Bay to take on the Packers. The Lions are around a field goal favorite depending upon which shop you use. So what can we expect in this interesting and rare occurrence? The public is backing the Packers this week, but that might not be the best idea if you actually want to be a winner with your NFL picks. You have to think outside of the box a little bit.

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Green Bay has nothing to play for this week. That means that Aaron Rodgers and company will likely get a seat on the bench. The flip side is that the Lions have a lot to play for, and they have been playing better football over the last couple of weeks. There is just more motivation on their side, and the Packers won’t be terribly troubled to put in real effort this week. When you get a game where one side cares and the other side does not, it is pretty easy to make the proper football picks. The Lions should win and cover this week, making their way into the playoffs.

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Football picksDecember 22, 2011

The Dallas Cowboys are a surprisingly short favorite at home against the Eagles this week, but maybe we shouldn’t be shocked. The Cowboys have struggled in the month of December over the last few years and this December has been no different. Ever since a Thanksgiving day scare against the Dolphins, the Cowboys have found new ways to struggle. This week, the Eagles come to town. The Eagles have been a major disappointment this year, but they have played well in the second half of the year. So what should we know about this game

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One thing to think about is health. The Cowboys are really banged up in a big way. Felix Jones is the only real running back on the roster and he is questionable for this game. Though signs point to him playing, this is a bad situation for anyone wanting to make NFL picks on the Dallas team this week. They also are hurting a bit on defense. When you couple that with the fact that the Eagles make a habit of picking off passes, you get a good idea of how this might play out. If they can stop the Dallas run game enough to force multiple passing situations, there is a good chance that the Eagles defense will take control of this game.


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