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October 2011

Sports picksOctober 31, 2011


This is one of those questions that you will get a different answer from different people depending upon who you talk to. Sharps, generally speaking, are those people in sports betting who do it for a living or could do it for a living. They are the guys who make the big bets that really worry the sports books. How big do you have to bet to be a sharp? Most of these guys are betting at least four figures per game, with many of them betting five figures on a usual game. They are guys with the inside information or the computer system to beat bad lines.

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Sharps are often important in sports betting because they can move the line with there free sports picks. While the betting public might be pounding a line, it will go the wrong way because some sharp bettors took the other side. This is something that sharps can do with regularity. Just who these people are is a mystery to most, as the usual sharps keep themselves out of the public eye. If you want to know who they are, then you will typically need to be hip to the Las Vegas sports betting scene.


Sharps have different ways of handicapping games. Some of them use a sports betting approach that relies a ton on numbers and computer systems. Others have superior information and employ experts on everything from weather to injuries. Other sharps understand that the only way to win in sports betting is to combine these approaches in an effort to create the biggest edge possible. There is no one “set” definition of a sharp and no one set way to do it. The only thing that these guys have in common is that they are usually getting bets down on the right side with a high degree of regularity.


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Football picksOctober 28, 2011


After starting off the year with a flash, the Redskins have leveled out in terms of record and in terms of QB play. They have struggled in recent weeks, losing two in a row. Rex Grossman has been replaced by John Beck and the results haven’t been much better. Now, the Redskins have to go on the road to face a Buffalo team that has been pretty good so far. The Bills have been winning consistently with a strong running game and a decent defense. Can the Redskins, who are 5.5 point underdogs in this game, come through with a big win on the road? That is the question that must be answered if you are going to make successful NFL picks on this game.


The problem for Washington here is that Buffalo has been pretty good at home. As the weather gets colder, the home teams will look even better in their comfortable environments. When you throw in the fact that the Redskins run game is decimated by injury, the conclusion becomes even more clear. This is a game where the Skins will have a hard time keeping up with a Buffalo offense that figures to score a few touchdowns. Though 5.5 points is a lot in the NFL, you might have to think about laying the chalk here with your football picks. It seems as if that’s where the value lies.

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Football picksOctober 28, 2011

New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Point Spread Picks

In what might be described as the “marquee” matchup of the day, the Patriots head into Heinz Field to face a Steelers team that has been hard to figure out. When they are good, they’re very good. They have shown the ability to lay an egg, though. So what can we make of this game? If you’re making your NFL picks, you’ll know that the Patriots have been bet up to a 3-point road favorite. This is dangerous territory on the road, as the Steelers haven’t yet lost a game at home. Are the Pats really good enough to lay that kind of chalk on the road against a good opponent?

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One problem for the Pats is that they struggle a bit in pass defense. They have been beaten by good QBs at times this year. Roethlisberger, for all of its faults, remains a QB that can beat you down the field. This might be the type of game where the Steelers hit some shots down the field and put New England in a tough spot. Before you go laying the family nest egg on the Pats, think about this very distinct possibility. The Steelers might just be the premium play in this game.


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Football picksOctober 27, 2011

Wisconsin Badgers vs Ohio State Buckeyes College Football Spread Picks

The Badgers fell last week in a close game at Michigan State. When the Hail Mary came down in the hands of a Michigan State receiver, the Wisconsin national championship dream went out the window. So can this team bounce back and keep things on track for a Rose Bowl appearance? You might think that a bounce back is automatic, but that has not been the case over the years. Many teams have struggled after finally losing a game. Can the Badgers get up for a trip into Columbus, where they will face an Ohio State team that looks ready to take care of business? The Buckeyes have been maligned this year, but they are getting 7 points in this one and they’re at home.

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There is also the revenge angle, as Wisconsin ruined Ohio State’s season last year. If the Buckeyes can get up to play in this game, it could be tough for the Badgers to cover such a big number. Wisconsin did not look sharp last week in a tough environment and they will certainly get a tough environment in this game. If you are going to make college football picks on this one, you might want to wait and see what the line does. Sitting at just north of a touchdown now, any line movement in this game might give you an indication of where the right pick lies.


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Football picksOctober 27, 2011


The Georgia Bulldogs are 3-point chalk this week against a Florida team that has seen the wheels fall off of its machine. The Dogs and Gators get together in Florida each year for this one and Florida has had a ton of success over the years. So what will happen this week? It looks like Georgia has a chance to take control of this game and do some good things against Florida. The big problem for Florida remains on offense, where they have injuries all over the place. They have struggled at QB and haven’t really gotten things going on the ground. If this continues against Georgia, they will struggle.

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The Dogs, on the other hand, have turned it around since losing to South Carolina. They did struggle on the road a couple of weeks ago at Vanderbilt, so that is still a big concern. The Dogs are beatable and Florida has history on its side. With the public pounding the Bulldogs in this game, you might think about making your college football picks on the Gators. The line is suspiciously low in this game and Florida stands a great chance of winning outright. This will be the week that people see what Georgia is made of, and many experts think that the Dogs aren’t quite as good as they have seemed thus far.



Football picksOctober 22, 2011

Houston  Texans vs Tennessee Titans NFL Point Spread Picks


It’s a big matchup in the AFC South when the Texans head east to face the former Oilers. In this one, the teams are fighting for the division title. Both have struggled out of the blocks, but the opportunity is there. How will this game shake out? When you make your NFL picks this week, you will want to keep your mind on a couple of things about this game. One thing to know is that Texans WR Andre Johnson won’t play in this game. Without Johnson, Mario Williams, and a fully healthy Matt Schaub, the Texans might be in for a long day. Another thing to remember is that the Texans have traditionally played their best football with their backs against the wall.

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One matchup to watch in this game is the Houston running game against the Titans defensive line. Tennessee has struggled in some spots to stop the run, and that could come back to bite them against a good running offense. Arian Foster has once again been very good and he will look to set the tone this week. That might be the difference for a Texans team that is catching 3 points as underdogs. One concern, though, is that the public seems to be on Houston. The public traditionally struggles when it backs a road underdog in free NFL picks. If you agree with trends like that, then you should keep your eye on this game.


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