June 2011

Football picksJune 16, 2011

One thing to note about the NFL is that you don’t need to put too much stock in names. The idea behind sports betting is to get to the heart and reality of the matter. You need to know what each team and each player is all about. Their reputation is not nearly as important as the reality. When you make NFL picks, you must be very careful not to play the name game. Just because a guy might have a good reputation as a quarterback doesn’t make him great at the back end of his career. Just because the Colts have had tons of success doesn’t mean they are bound to continue.

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The key when making free NFL picks is to strip away everything that doesn’t matter. Strip away all of the extras and get down to business, so to speak. This will make you a much more competitive bettor on the whole. You will not fall into those traps that other people fall into. You won’t make the sucker NFL picks that will drown your bankroll. You will join the elite in NFL betting that seem to always be on the right side of games.

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Football picksJune 16, 2011

The best NFL bettor

One of the most popular questions that I field is about the best NFL bettor. Who is he and what does he do to win? Why is he such an NFL betting savant? The best NFL bettor is the guy who knows a lot about the game and knows a lot about analysis. He knows how to use the psychological factors, as well. He is someone who not only sees all the angles, but has the guts to play them. The best NFL bettor is not a super human, but he is someone who understands the little parts of the game.

Too many people ignore the little things when making NFL picks. They need to recognize that games are won and lost on the margins. If you are going to be successful with NFL picks, you have to learn to look for the little factors that others ignore. You need to always consider weather and team travel. You need to always consider injuries. You need to look at the game and take a much more analytical approach to breaking it down. This is what the best NFL bettor does with his season long NFL picks &  free NFL picks

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Football picksJune 14, 2011

Why NFL betting is hard

The NFL is difficult to bet on and most people understand this. Not too many people know why it’s a difficult league, though. They don’t take the time to ask the important question. The NFL is hard because there are so many factors that are difficult to quantify. Football in general is a game that requires a lot of effort. It requires a high degree of skill and it requires a lot of mental strain for players to get things right. This means that the margin for error of players is  very small. This makes NFL betting a unique challenge.

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Whereas you know what you are going to get with baseball players generally, this is not the case for NFL players. When you make your NFL picks, you will have to focus more on the qualitative aspects of the game. This is something that you will ultimately struggle to learn overnight, as well. If you want to win at the NFL, you’ll need to spend time learning the game itself, watching the players, and predicting their reactions to certain decisions. Making free NFL picks is about getting to know teams and their tendencies, as this is the only way to win over the long term.



Football picksJune 14, 2011

Betting Underdogs in the NFL

Often times it is smart to take a piece of “conventional” wisdom and see whether the wisdom is so wise. You will often find that it is not. In the NFL, one of the old maxims is that it’s a good idea to bet underdogs. People say that you can make money betting underdogs blindly in the NFL, but is this really true? If you take a look at things, you will see that blindly betting anything – including underdogs – is not a recipe for success in the NFL. You should look deeper into games if you want to find success., or look for handicapper with free NFL picks.

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That is not to say that you need to ignore underdogs. They will be a good value a lot of the time. When you see an underdog, you need to give it the attention that it deserves. Just be careful about following NFL betting hard rules. Making NFL picks is a complicated process and you need to think deeply before you go making picks on a certain game. This will give you a much better chance at success. Blindly doing NFL betting is bound to leave you in a hole at the end of the season.

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Football picksJune 11, 2011

After recently being released from prison, former New York Giants star wide receiver Plaxico Burress is looking to get back into the NFL and win another Super Bowl title before his window of opportunity closes and his age starts to catch up with him.

The one player that was in a similar position recently was superstar quarterback Michael Vick. After he was released from prison many people believed that he no longer had what it took to be a star player in this league, but he quickly proved his doubters wrong last season by becoming an NFL MVP caliber player once again.


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Now Plaxico Burress will be looking to sign with another team as the New York Giants are going to pass on bringing back the wide receiver. Surprisingly enough, Burress’ will have plenty of options before next season with teams like the Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and the Houston Texans.

Not bad for a guy that has been out of the game for two years now. Not only are there plenty of teams willing to sign him as soon as possible, but there are at least four Super Bowl title contenders on that list (Eagles, Jets, Steelers and Patriots).


Does Plaico Burress  affect your NFL picks? That will be determained by which team he lands up with.


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Basketball picksJune 8, 2011

The Golden State Warriors have been a bottom feeder in the Western Conference for quite some time and are ready to bring in some new blood to rejuvenate this team moving forward. As a result, the Warriors went out and hired former player and current NBA analyst Mark Jackson to be the man to call the shots from the sidelines.

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With every team in the league in need of a new head coach not wasting any time, the Warriors new their window of opportunity was closing and the best prospects, so instead of waiting to hear that Jackson had been hired elsewhere they signed him to a three-year deal worth $6 million dollars.

Whether or not this will help get this team favored in NBA picks moving forward remains to be seen, but it definitely a start in the right direction as Mark Jackson might just be the missing piece to the puzzle in the Bay Area.


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