Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Football picksJune 22, 2011

Halftime betting in the NFL

So you want a creative way to make NFL picks? You might begin by doing halftime bets. These are slightly different bets that can be used to up your winning percentage if you know what you are doing. So what should you think about when making these NFL picks? You need to recognize the fact that what you just saw in the first half may or may not be an indication of what you will see in the second half. Teams have a tendency to adjust in the second half, so remember that as you make your bets.

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Likewise, you need to know that in NFL betting, this is the place where many bettors get “trapped” by the sports books. The books put out lines that look juicy and some bettors jump right on them. You don’t want to get trapped by the books and bet on things that look too obvious. If something in NFL betting seems too good to be true, know that is probably is. In all likelihood, the books aren’t just going to give you a gift for no reason. Make sure that you look deeper and figure out what you are missing before you make your football picks.

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Football picksJune 22, 2011

NFL Betting and Psychology

Psychology is the study of human beings and how they behave. Taken quite generally, it might not seem that NFL betting and psychology have anything to do with one another. This isn’t the case, though. In reality, NFL betting is tied to the hip with psychology. The people who make the most effective NFL picks often have the psychology of the game down pat. They have recognize the times when teams are unlikely to play up to their potential because of psychological factors. They then exploit those times and make winning bets as a result.

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So what impacts psychology? Know first that a player is really only as good as his work ethic. If you see a time when a player is slacking off, it can impact a team in a big way. How can you find this information? You could use local newspapers, team forums, or other resources. Whatever it takes, you have to get inside of the team and figure out exactly what is taking place with the players. Likewise, you need to recognize the fact that certain things impact performance on the field. Travel schedules, for instance, will have a huge impact on how a team performs.

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