Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Football picksJune 2, 2011

The St. Louis Rams are definitely a team on the rise in the NFL with a bright future, but there might be some changes on the horizon for this up-and-coming football team with Pro Bowl caliber running back Steven Jackson possibly being the first player to go.


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There is no question that Jackson is a great running back, possibly amongst the top five or ten in the league, but he is injury prone and something that the Rams just can’t count on anymore. With quarterback Sam Bradford now the undisputed leader of this team and the fact that they might be going to a more of passing game rather than a running game, the franchise might be looking at going in another direction.

It is possible that Jackson still could be their biggest offensive threat moving forward, but the team’s main priority, besides defense, is going after a wide receiver or a few wide receivers in order to get this team favored in NFL picks.

Whether or not the St. Louis Rams are a playoff team next season remains to be seen, but the future of this franchise is looking very bright as long as they can bring in the right players to surround Sam Bradford.

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Basketball picksJune 2, 2011

The Dallas Mavericks have made it back to the NBA Finals after five years of frustration in the playoffs, but now they have a chance to avenge their loss to the Miami Heat in 2006. It could be argued that this time around they have a better chance of winning the NBA title against the Heat, but they will have to contend with arguably the most talented team in the league led by LeBron James.

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Even though the Dallas Mavericks might be able to win an NBA title and could be favored in NBA picks, a lot of people have started talking about the future of this veteran team and whether or not future Hall of Famer Jason Kidd will officially call it quits.

Reportedly, win or lose in the NBA Finals, Jason Kidd will be back next season to play out the last year of his contract and could sign another one after that.

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