June 2011

Football picksJune 30, 2011

When college football bets go wrong

As you make your college football picks this season, you need to recognize one important thing. Recognize that you won’t win every one of them. College football handicapping is all about the long process. It is all about having patience and making good bets over the course of a season. Too many bettors get caught up in the emotion of a Saturday. They lose sight of the fact that the season is very long. The goal is to have more money at the end of the season than you started with, so always remember that as you go along during the year.


These are twenty year old kids that you are betting on, so there will be some mistakes. There might be times when you make free college football picks and they go all wrong. A player drops a pass and you lose as a result of a bad beat. You can’t get brought down by these moments because they will happen regardless of what you do. A smart bettor recognizes that these things even out over time, so he accounts for them and he moves on when the college football bets ultimately go bad.

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Football picksJune 30, 2011

College football betting and patience

As you bet college football this season, you will want to think long and hard about staying patient. One thing that college football season tests is your ability to wait on the good games. They will throw games at you on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, Saturday nights, and many days in between. This means that if you have a problem with waiting, you might find yourself laying money on the wrong sides. A successful bettor should wait things out and make sure that he is only putting money down on those games where he has an edge.

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One thing that many will do when making their college football picks is that they’ll make them all at the beginning of the week. This way, they won’t feel inclined to just take the action because it’s sitting on the board. If you have a problem with patience and you want to win with your college football picks, then it might pay to take this approach. You might make your picks early in the week and leave them alone. This way, you will only have cash on games where you have successfully handicapped and found an edge.

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Football picksJune 22, 2011

Halftime betting in the NFL

So you want a creative way to make NFL picks? You might begin by doing halftime bets. These are slightly different bets that can be used to up your winning percentage if you know what you are doing. So what should you think about when making these NFL picks? You need to recognize the fact that what you just saw in the first half may or may not be an indication of what you will see in the second half. Teams have a tendency to adjust in the second half, so remember that as you make your bets.

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Likewise, you need to know that in NFL betting, this is the place where many bettors get “trapped” by the sports books. The books put out lines that look juicy and some bettors jump right on them. You don’t want to get trapped by the books and bet on things that look too obvious. If something in NFL betting seems too good to be true, know that is probably is. In all likelihood, the books aren’t just going to give you a gift for no reason. Make sure that you look deeper and figure out what you are missing before you make your football picks.

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Football picksJune 22, 2011

NFL Betting and Psychology

Psychology is the study of human beings and how they behave. Taken quite generally, it might not seem that NFL betting and psychology have anything to do with one another. This isn’t the case, though. In reality, NFL betting is tied to the hip with psychology. The people who make the most effective NFL picks often have the psychology of the game down pat. They have recognize the times when teams are unlikely to play up to their potential because of psychological factors. They then exploit those times and make winning bets as a result.

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So what impacts psychology? Know first that a player is really only as good as his work ethic. If you see a time when a player is slacking off, it can impact a team in a big way. How can you find this information? You could use local newspapers, team forums, or other resources. Whatever it takes, you have to get inside of the team and figure out exactly what is taking place with the players. Likewise, you need to recognize the fact that certain things impact performance on the field. Travel schedules, for instance, will have a huge impact on how a team performs.

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Football picksJune 18, 2011

NFL Betting and “Value”

There is one important thing NFL betting and it’s “value”. Some people make NFL picks without even thinking about this important idea and they are, quite often, sunk. You have to know what value is and you have to know how to identify it when you make your NFL picks. If you can do this, then you will find success more often than not. You will certainly find success in your long-term NFL betting and that is the most important thing. How you do in one day or two days is not nearly as important as how you do over the long haul.

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When looking for value, your goal should always be to identify teams that are underrated by the betting public. Is there a reason why this team’s true talent level is higher than the public perceives it? Perhaps they have gone on a losing streak? Perhaps they have certain players who are undervalued? Maybe they are playing a team that is a public favorite that week? These are all good things to consider when making your free NFL picks, so you need to think about them before you finish your NFL betting. This is the only way to truly win over the long haul.


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Football picksJune 18, 2011

NFL Betting and the Packers

As you complete your NFL picks preparation this year, you will need to consider the case of the Green Bay Packers. Always an NFL fan favorite, the Packers are in an interesting position this year. They’ve won it all, so that makes them a bit of an NFL betting problem for 2011. The problem is that they will be overvalued pretty much all season. When a team wins a championship, people subconsciously overvalue them the next year. The books know this, so they shade the games of those teams a little bit more than they otherwise would. This means that when you make NFL picks on the Packers, you will be seeing bad lines pretty much all year.


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This does not means that you have to avoid making free NFL picks on the Packers all year. Much to the contrary, there will be plenty of times when making NFL picks on the Packers is the smart move. You should recognize these spots and take advantage of them. As a general rule, though, betting the Packers in 2011 will be negative expected value. If you realize this early on, then your NFL betting numbers will a lot better in review at the end of the season.

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