Friday, May 27th, 2011

Football picksMay 27, 2011

Are the New York Jets interested in Randy Moss?

Last season was one that future Hall of Famer Randy Moss would like to forget. Not only did he burn a bridge with the New England Patriots, which he is almost certainly regretting, but he bounced around the league after the storied franchise sent him packing.


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There were some people that believed that Randy Moss heading back to Minnesota to play with Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson would be just what he needed to resurrect his career and turn the Vikings back into a Super Bowl title contender. Unfortunately, despite the fact he helped the Vikings be favored in NFL picks, the reunion was short lived as he was cut from the team and ultimately landed with the Tennessee Titans.

Now that Randy Moss has basically been dubbed at the twilight of his career, the veteran wide receiver will look to get on a winning football team and apparently the New York Jets could be his next destination.

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Football picksMay 27, 2011

Braylon Edwards will take less money to re-sign with the New York Jets ?

The New York Jets are without doubt one of the all-around football teams in the NFL today. Even though the Jets are usually favored in NFL picks due to their lockdown defense, they have vastly improved on offense every single season and this offseason might not be much different.


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The biggest free agents questions that have been asked of the New York Jets this offseason is what they will do about re-signing their current wideouts or going after other wide receivers around the league. With both Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards being free agents, the Jets have some big decisions to make, but Edwards may have made it easier by saying that he would take less money to stay with the Jets.

This has to be music to the ears of the New York Jets front office after they had such a big ordeal with Darrelle Revis last year.


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