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July 2010

Football picksJuly 28, 2010

NFL Picks & NFL Prediction Power Rankings

#1 Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning and company may still be licking their wounds after letting the New Orleans Saints get the best of them in the Super Bowl last season, but the Indianapolis Colts plan to come back next season with the same kind of intensity and dominance that should lead to another Super Bowl run.

Much like last season, the Colts should be favored in NFL picks on a weekly basis as they will almost certainly 10+ games once again.

#2 San Diego Chargers

Heading into the playoffs last season, the San Diego Chargers were the hottest team in the NFL after winning 11 straight games, but their hot streak ended when the underdog New York Jets beat them in the playoffs and sent Philip Rivers and company home packing.

This season the Chargers could be even better as they will continue to be one of the best all around teams in the league, but they will have a major addition in the backfield with rookie running back Ryan Matthews.

#3 Minnesota Vikings

As always, the waiting game has started once again as the Minnesota Vikings and the rest of the NFL wait to see whether or not their 11-time Pro Bowler will come back for one more season.

If Favre does come back, and many people believe he will, the Vikings will be the best team in the NFC in my opinion and a solid bet to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl in February.

#4 Dallas Cowboys

No other team in the league will have more motivation to reach the Super Bowl in this upcoming season than the Dallas Cowboys who will have a chance to play in the Super Bowl on their home field at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

With the addition of rookie wideout Dez Bryant alongside some of the best offensive players in the league, the Cowboys could be a serious force to be reckoned with in the NFL next season.

#5 New Orleans Saints

Surprisingly enough, the defending Super Bowl champs will start their title defense next season as the third best team in the NFC Conference behind the Vikings and the Cowboys, but I believe they will prove their doubters wrong once again as they will have the same team relatively intact and ready to defend their title.

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Football picksJuly 25, 2010

2010 Underrated College Football Picks

Teams that might be underrated in 2010

A huge part of being successful with college football picks is being able to spot value early in the year. Figure out which teams are better or worse than their public perception and exploit it before the rest of the betting world figures it out. So who are these teams likely to be in 2010?

Think long and hard about Oklahoma as you enter college football picks in 2010. The Sooners had a down year by their standards, but this is still an elite program. They return an underrated, yet suddenly experience quarterback. The coaching staff is solid and there’s a huge pipeline of talent. They could challenge Texas for the Big 12 crown in 2010, so look out for nice value spots early in the year.

With Mike Leach gone, some might think that Texas Tech will fall off next year. Though that might be the case, I wouldn’t sleep on Tommy Tuberville just yet. A capable coach and solid motivator, Tuberville figures to have his boys playing good defense if nothing else. You might get a nice opportunity to make college football picks on the Red Raiders while some betters will push their value down.

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Football picksJuly 23, 2010

Brett Favre NFL Picks, Predictions & Odds

Last season the Minnesota Vikings burst onto the scene as one of the best all around teams in the NFL after future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre decided to come back for at least one more season.

Even though many people doubted Favre’s ability to finish out the entire season and continue to play at an extremely high level behind center in Minnesota, the Silver Fox did just that and had the Vikings favored in NFL picks on a weekly basis.

Not only were the Minnesota Vikings a serious force to be reckoned with in the NFC Conference, but they had a great balance of offense and defense that made them an unstoppable force on both sides of the gridiron.

Despite playing 20 seasons in the NFL and not getting any younger, Brett Favre had arguably the best season of his Hall of Fame caliber career with 33 touchdowns, 4,200+ passing yards and a career-low seven interceptions. This was unprecedented to say the least as he proved all his doubters wrong, but in the NFC Championship game against the eventual Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, Favre took a serious hit in which resulted in an ankle injury.

Even though this was thought to be nothing more than a sprain that would heal in time, the injury is still affecting him today and hindering his decision to return to the game next season.

Ultimately, most people feel he will return for one more season with the Minnesota Vikings, but even though that is the consensus right now, Favre remains undecided once again with about two months left before the season opener against the New Orleans Saints.

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Football picksJuly 22, 2010

Thursday Night College Football Picks, Predictions vs the Point Spread

Thursday night magic

As you make college football picks this season, one thing in particular should stand out. That thing is Thursday night and the impact that it has on certain teams. You have probably noticed over the years that Thursday night is kind to home teams. This is no coincidence, and you can use that knowledge to your advantage with your college football picks.

Thursday night road games put a ton of stress on teams and their schedules. They miss lots of practice time, since they leave out on Wednesday. They also get out of their routine completely, while home teams at least have some opportunity to keep their weekly schedule the same. Know that traveling takes its toll on the body, and this is definitely true when teams are coming off of a short week to play on the road on Thursday.

Thursday night home crowds tend to be rowdier, as well. The crowds are younger, they are drunker, and they create tough environments. If you remember these things when making college football picks, you will have a chance to be successful. Some teams will win on the road on Thursday, but know that it’s a complete death trap for most who enter.

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Football picksJuly 21, 2010

NFC South NFL Picks & Predictions Against the Point Spread

The wild and crazy NFC South

If you’re making NFL picks this fall, know that the NFC South is up for grabs. There are a few divisions where certain teams have a stranglehold and some where the title shifts hands every few years. Those making NFL picks on the NFC South shouldn’t pencil in any winner just yet.

It might seem like the Saints have the fast track to another playoff appearance, but that’s not necessarily true. They still have major questions on defense, and that could spell trouble. The Saints are getting older, and we shouldn’t forget just how hard it is for teams to sustain high-level success.

So who might challenge them? Don’t overlook Atlanta with your NFL picks. The Falcons have been good under coach Smith and quarterback Matt Ryan is entering his prime. They can run the ball, throw it around the yard, and they figure to have a good defense, too. Atlanta is a scary team heading into 2010 and they could take the crown from New Orleans. With a still formidable Carolina team and an improving Tampa Bay team thrown into the mix, expect this division to be a tough one to call going into next year.

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Football picksJuly 14, 2010

Football Picks vs the Spread ( Point Spread Picks )

Last season seemed to be the year of the quarterback in the NFL as the majority of headlines written on a weekly basis were about the three best quarterbacks in the league and their chances of winning a Super Bowl and possibly an NFL MVP award.

Over the past half decade or so, the best quarterbacks in the league have been Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts, the ageless Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings and defending Super Bowl champion Drew Brees. With any of these three NFL greats playing behind center, it would be a safe bet to say that NFL picks would be in their team’s favor on a weekly basis.

Along with these future Hall of Fame quarterbacks you could also add Tom Brady (New England Patriots), Kurt Warner (Arizona Cardinals) and Phillip Rivers (San Diego Chargers) into the conversation as of best quarterback in the league, but heading into next season all eyes will be on the big three in Manning, Brees and Favre.

Personally, I believe Brett Favre is the best quarterback of all-time. The Silver Fox may not have tons of rings (one) like Tom Brady or demand respect on defense like Peyton Manning or Drew Brees these days, but he gets the job done and is an inspiration for any aspiring quarterback.

As of right now, it is uncertain once again whether or not Brett Favre will come back for one more season with the Minnesota Vikings, but if he does, which I believe he will, the three-time NFL MVP will be a force to be reckoned with once again.

Despite Favre getting my pick for the best of all-time, Manning and Brees have the advantage in the argument of best quarterback in the game today.

Next season, I believe that Drew Brees will get that distinction as he tries to defend his Super Bowl and put up even bigger numbers than last season. It will be a tight race, but Brees is the only one of the three in his prime and that will show in the New Orleans Saints title defense

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