June 2010

Football picksJune 30, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles Free NFL Picks, Predictions against the Spread

Before the beginning of last season, the Philadelphia Eagles took a huge gamble on troubled quarterback Michael Vick. Not only was Vick fresh out of prison and arguably the most hated athlete in the country, but he seemed to be a big risk for any NFL franchise and their image, but Philly took a chance and it paid off as Vick slowly but surely got back to form.

The one-time NFL MVP might not be able to get back to the superstar status he had before he went to prison where he was arguably the most popular player in the league, but he could definitely help the Eagles become a force to be reckoned with in the NFC Conference once again and get some favorable odds in NFL picks throughout the country.

Even though Michael Vick has been able to keep his nose clean ever since being released from prison and has made steps to rehabilitate his image in the NFL, the player that was once regarded as the fastest man in the NFL might be in trouble once again after a shooting incident outside a Virginia Beach nightclub on his 30th birthday.

Reportedly, Vick wasn’t involved in any shape or form, but the shooting did involve one of Vick’s friends in Quanis Phillips. This friend was a co-defendant in the Vick dog fighting ring trial and ultimately served 21 months due to his involvement, but Vick was told to have no further contact with this person and that has been the one concern with this incident.

Apparently, Phillips was shot in this shooting, but was taken to a nearby hospital and was released the following afternoon.

Now NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will look into this incident and determine whether or not Michael Vick will require punishment even though police believe Vick had absolutely no part in the shooting.


Football picksJune 28, 2010

Tennessee Titans NFL Picks, Prediction vs. the Point Spread

A couple of years ago, the Tennessee Titans were arguably the best team in the NFL as they were dominant on both sides of the football field, especially on defense with Albert Haynesworth leading the way.

Not only were the Titans one of the most dominant teams in the NFL that year and favored in NFL Picks on a weekly basis, but they seemed to have a lot of hope for the future as they saw running back Chris Johnson emerge as arguably the new best back in the league.

Even though the Titans dominated the league throughout the entire regular season that year, they ultimately lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs and went home disappointed.

Last season the Titans came into the year with all the confidence as they had the same team relatively intact, minus Haynesworth to free agency, and high hopes of being a legitimate Super Bowl title contender.

Unfortunately, the Titans fell flat on their face early as they lost the first six games of the season and started to look like one of the worst teams in the league. With the season basically lost, the Titans decided to mix it up and bring in the face of the franchise in quarterback Vince Young.

Despite his struggling in the past, Young started to look like his old self again and with Chris Johnson coming out of the backfield the Titans turned into a dynamic offense and a force to be reckoned with in the AFC once again.

This season the Tennessee Titans will try and repeat their success of the second half of last season. Once again, the season will solely rest on the play of Young and Johnson. If these two get off early, the Titans could get back to title contender status sooner rather than later.

Odds to Win the Super Bowl: Tennessee Titans 28 to 1


Football picksJune 24, 2010

Oakland Raiders NFL Picks, Predictions vs. the Point Spread

When you think of trades in professional sports in this country, usually only the NBA and NHL seem to make them with on an annual basis, but now both the MLB and NFL have gotten involved in the mix as trades in these two leagues are no longer unusual.

This NFL offseason has already been interesting as plenty of big-name players have already gotten in trouble like Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl quarterback Big Ben Roethlisberger and Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young. Not only are these quarterbacks amongst the best in the league and big reasons why their squads are favored in NFL picks on a weekly basis, along with being in headlines for the wrong reasons, but there have also been some other big-name quarterbacks in the news after being traded.

By far the biggest name to be traded was Donovan McNabb who was traded to the Washington Redskins from the Philadelphia Eagles, but then the trading didn’t stop there as the Redskins shipped their starting quarterback Jason Campbell to the Oakland Raiders.

Well, the Washington Redskins haven’t been shy about making moves so far and they might not be done before next season as arguably their best defensive player in Albert Haynesworth has asked for a trade.

It is uncertain whether or not the Redskins will trade Haynesworth before next season, but with the Oakland Raiders seems like a possible destination for the disgruntled superstar. It has also been rumored that Haynesworth could be headed back to the Tennessee Titans.

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Football picksJune 17, 2010

Carolina Panthers NFL Picks, Predictions vs. the Point Spread

Say what you will about the Carolina Panthers in 2010, but your NFL picks need to keep up with the times. The Panthers have been one of the most frustrating teams in all of pro football over the years, but 2010 looks to be a somewhat different story. That is not to say that the Panthers are going to be improved. Chances are better that the Panthers will struggle all the way through, offering no signs of life and little to get excited about. With a new quarterback and some holes to fill on the defensive side of the ball, those making NFL picks will want to be wary of the Carolina cats.

The Panthers lost a top defensive player last week when Thomas Davis blew out his knee. Julius Peppers is gone, as well, and the depth is looking like an issue. The Panthers and John Fox used to hang their hat on defense and ball control. Though the running game looks good in 2010, the defense might not be able to match that effort. Keep this in mind as you make those NFL picks this year. Panther games might not be the low scoring affairs that you have been used to.

The Panthers have the unenviable task of taking on the NFC South. In addition to the defending world champion Saints, the Falcons look formidable and the Bucs should be better. That particular division has been a craps shoot over the years, so you can’t pencil in a champion right away. The division will do not favors to this team, though. If you are looking for an angle, make your NFL picks against the Panthers when they’re asked to cover a medium sized spread. Given their capabilities and the reluctance of John Fox to play aggressive football, the Panthers will have trouble in those spots in 2010.

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Football picksJune 14, 2010

New York Jets NFL Picks, Predictions vs. the Point Spread

One of the most interesting teams going into 2010 comes from New York. The former stepchild franchise of the first city is now the big boy. The Jets look like they could be the class of the AFC East and they have a lot of pieces worth liking. When you start breaking down teams in preparation for your 2010 NFL picks, you should recognize the things that make teams tick. You want teams that have great offensive lines and you want teams that play good defense. You need teams with experience and teams that have a stable coaching situation. New York looks like they have these pieces, which should bode well for 2010.

The Jets play good defense both up front and in the back. With Revis emerging as a top corner in the AFC and the defensive line making big plays, they truly shut down the passing game. The Jets were great at shutting down the run, too, which helped propel them through the season. That defense returns almost all of the big names and it would be a major surprise to see them struggle in 2010. That is not all there is to like about the Jets, though.

The Jets return a sophomore quarterback who got better as the year went along. They should improve a great deal at that spot, and the offense should be better as a result. With Shon Greene emerging in the backfield and a second year coach, look for New York to build off of its momentum. Though the squad didn’t miss the Super Bowl by much in 2009, they still appear to be flying under the radar coming into next season. You will want to target the Jets and look for value in some spots. Their defense and running game will make them a consistent squad, which is worth a great deal.

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Football picksJune 10, 2010

Florida State College Football Picks, Predictions vs. the Point Spread

It was not so long ago that the Florida State Seminoles were the class of the Atlantic Coast Conference. For years, you could pencil in Bobby Bowden and his boys for a BCS bowl game and 10 wins or more. Alas, times have changed and handicappers have had to learn something new about Florida State. Things are changing around Tallahassee, though. The Noles have been down for a few years, but it looks like 2010 might bring better things. If you are a college football handicapper, then you need to adjust to these things before the rest of the betting public.

So why should your college football picks put plenty of attention on FSU this coming season? It is because they have quite a few things in their favor. First and foremost, there is a new bunch leading the charge. Jimbo Fisher is the new coach and long time defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews is out. Confidence is high around the FSU facilities and much of this comes from the leadership of Fisher. Additionally, FSU brings back quarterback Christian Ponder. With his big arm and his quick feet, Ponder figures to have an NFL future ahead of him. Still, he comes into 2010 as one of the most underrated players in all of college football.

Florida State also brings back some excellent athletes on defense, including safety Greg Reid. Understand that the Noles have been recruiting at a high level for many years, and their talent is as good as you will see. The pieces are in place and they are better than what their record has reflected over the past few seasons. When you make those college football picks early in the year, keep your eye on FSU. There will likely be some nice values before people figure out that the Noles are truly back.

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