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Football picksMay 30, 2010

Who is the best at college football picks and conference specialization ?

For those making college football picks, one of the things to keep in mind is that picking too many conferences can be incredibly difficult. The problem for most people who make college football picks is that they want to pick every game. They want to be experts on every conference from the Big 12 to the Big East. Winning bettors understand that it is almost impossible to master every single conference. If you want to win over the long term, you would be much better off specializing in one or two conferences. This way, you can learn the nuances and the matchups that go along with that conference.

It can be tough to keep up with the Pac-10 if you live on the east coast. Instead of trying to stay on top of all of the news, why not just handle the ACC and the SEC? During the course of the season, there will be plenty of games to choose from in those conferences. You will find, as well, that you understand those teams much better after dedicating your time to them. With college football picks, there is so much to learn. You have to understand how coaches match up with each other and you have to know the emotional factors involved. When you spread yourself too thing, this becomes almost impossible.

If you have the time to master the entire college football landscape, then enjoy betting the big board. If you are like most people and you don’t have hours to put into your handicapping, then cutting down on the conferences that you bet will serve you well. Over the course of a long college football season, you will be more successful and feel more confident in your plays on those teams that you have actually studied.

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Basketball picksMay 25, 2010

Coming into the Eastern Conference Finals, the Boston Celtics are riding high as they were able to knock Lebron James and company out of the playoffs with their lockdown defense that won him an NBA championship back in 2008 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Despite the Boston Celtics being by far the more dominant team in their series with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mike Brown’s squad was still favored in NBA picks throughout the entire series as many people believe the Celtics play was nothing more than a fluke.

Even though many people thought the Boston Celtics got lucky against what was considered to be the best team in league in the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round, Kevin Garnett and company have been favored to lose the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Orlando Magic.

The cliché in professional sports has been that defense wins championships and although that is the case most of the time, a great offense can definitely change things as well. Coming into this Eastern Conference Finals series it was a classic matchup between a great offense and a great defense, but people still had the Magic coming out on top.

Now heading into game 5 in Orlando, the Celtics have a demanding 3-1 lead in the series and could very will close it out and be heading back to NBA finals for the second time in 3 years with a rematch with the LA Lakers.

Personally, I believe the series is over and really can’t see Dwight Howard and company coming back from a 3-1 deficit even if they are heading back to Orlando.

Game # 5 Celtics vs. Magic Point Spread

Celtics + 4

Magic – 4

Over/Under 186

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Football picksMay 21, 2010

No other team in the NFL has been more of a wreck over the past decade or so then the Oakland Raiders. Not only has their owner Al Davis been considered to be certifiably insane at times, but the team has consistently made terrible decisions during the NFL draft and never seemed get going during an NFL regular-season.

Last season was no different for the Oakland Raiders as they struggled all season long, but they did look promising at times as their defense started to come together in the offense played well when JaMarcus Russell wasn’t behind center.

The Oakland Raiders have been so bad over the past decade that no one even considers them to have the slightest chance of winning consistently and therefore are never favored NFL picks.

I believe that the Oakland Raiders are slowly but surely getting better and better with every passing season, but they have one giant hole in their game plan as they have been able to get a franchise quarterback back behind center since Rich Gannon left early in the decade.

Fortunately, even though Al Davis frowned upon the decision, the Oakland Raiders finally got rid of their number one overall draft pick disaster quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Along with getting rid of Russell, the Raiders were also able to get their hands on promising young quarterback Jason Campbell via trade.

Obviously, this team still has a ways to go before they can contend with the likes of San Diego Chargers or even the Denver Broncos in the AFC West division, but they are closing the gap and could make a considerable improvement this season with Campbell running the show.

Odds to win the Super Bowl: Oakland Raiders 80 to 1

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Basketball picksMay 19, 2010

Finding Value in the Western Conference Finals ( Suns vs. Lakers ) NBA Playoff Picks & Predictions

When making your Western Conference Finals NBA playoff picks, you should always be looking for ways to find value. In the betting world, value is the most important word going to be sure. Finding value is not always easy, though, especially when there are only a few games on the board. One way to find value is to step outside the box a little bit and do some in-game betting. If your book offers NBA  picks in-game, then you can take advantage of typical bettor overreactions. The NBA is a league of runs, so you just have to have patience in those situations.

Take a situation, for instance, where a 10-point favorite has started slowly at home. They are down by 7 points at the first timeout, and you have NBA picks to make in-game. If you have watched the game and you believe the home team is still the better club by a 10-point margin, then this might be a good time to get value. Chances are good that you can get that team as a 6 or 7 point favorite with in-game betting, helping your chances of success significantly.

Most people don’t have the guts to make these free NBA picks, as it is hard to justify giving away an early cushion of that nature. Just know that NBA teams make runs, and the best teams usually win in the end. If you want to have true success over the long haul, then your goal should be finding value. Even if it is only a couple of points here and there, you will end up making money in the long run if you can consistently spot value. Often times, especially in the NBA Finals, you have to step outside the box to find those value plays.

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Basketball picksMay 18, 2010

Does home court advantage matter in the Eastern Conference Finals? How does it effect your NBA Picks vs. the Spread?

This might seem like a large question to take on in only a few paragraphs, and it is true that this topic is a difficult one to broach. With that being said, those people making NBA picks need to consider this question. How important is the home court? You should understand, first and foremost, that home court advantage is a big deal, but it matters more to some teams. Each year, the Eastern Conference Finals feature a different dynamic of teams. Some have young teams facing old teams. Some have teams with many experienced NBA Finals players, while others have a bunch of newbies. The home court will impact these guys differently.

Know that home court advantage means a lot to young players typically. Though it is not true of all young players, many are fragile mentally. You have to understand this when making Eastern Conference Finals picks, because the finals put a lot of pressure on players to perform. If something goes bad for a young player and the away crowd gets on his back, it can be difficult to recover. With that being said, veteran teams tend to fend better on the road in most situations. They have been there before and they know how to handle all of the pressures of that situation.

When making your NBA picks, be sure to give enough credit to the home court. This is especially true for desperate teams. If a team has lost the first two games of a series and it is coming back home, then you will probably see its best performance. Desperate teams at home are a good bet in the Eastern Conference, as the road team tends to have a lull in that situation. Note these factors if you want to be successful.

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Football picksMay 16, 2010

Week # 1 San Diego Chargers NFL Picks, Predictions vs. the Spread

Over the past five years or so in the NFL, San Diego Chargers have been the cream of the crop in the AFC West division. Obviously, that isn’t saying much since the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos haven’t been exactly the most dominant teams as of late, but Philip Rivers and company have shown their true colors against some of the best teams in the NFL and have come out on top most of the time.

Last season looked like a disaster to begin the year as they struggled against the Raiders in the first game of the season and really didn’t get going until about week five with there NFL picks but once they did get going there wasn’t a team in the league playing as well as the Chargers to finish out the season.

Before the NFL season even began, the San Diego Chargers were favored to win the Super Bowl or at least make it to the Super Bowl out of the AFC conference. With that being said, they frequented a lot of free football picks as favorites to win a lot of games, but with their struggles especially in the running game that wasn’t the case.

Even though North Turner’s team ended this season strong, the playoffs were a disappointment as they weren’t able to beat the New York Jets and went home early once again.

This season times are changing as they have let go former face of the franchise in Pro Bowl running back LaDainian Tomlinson and started with a clean slate with rookie running back Ryan Matthews. It remains to be seen whether or not Matthews can fill LT’s enormous shoes, but things do look promising for San Diego as they might be able to contend for a title once again.

Odds to win the Super Bowl:

San Diego Chargers: 11 to 1

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