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Basketball picksApril 28, 2010

As you make your NBA playoff picks & predictions you need to make sure that you’re keeping your eye on the star players and how they match up vs the other teams best player. Some players in the NBA match up better than others and this can go a long way in determaining the the point spread and more importantly the winner. A example of this Kobe vs. Durant, Durant is long and bothers Kobe’s shot which in return can keep the score closer than most people would think  with a 1 vs. 8th seed.

Wundercat always wants to know how we can use this information to our advantage when making NBA Playoff Picks vs. the spread. There are some teams  out there that have star players playing key roles as far as rebounding and running the team that play huge roles and just how they match up vs. the other teams star player can make the difference between winning and losing. If you can spot these teams or players, you will be away of ahead of the curve when it comes to handicapping the NBA. As with all things, don’t just take this advice and apply it across the board with all of your NBA picks, but use it to your advantage. Make sure that you are not betting on squads that are just going to come out and play tired basketball.

You should have all of this information if you’re going to be as successful as the Wundercat.

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Baseball picksApril 26, 2010

Hey, MLB betting picks on baseball is not something that can be summed up in just a few paragraphs. It is a topic that you could write a book on if you had thumbs. There are a few basic rules to live by that I follow and that you should, too. What are those rules? They start with the lineups. Too many people make plays on teams without first consulting the lineups. Wouldn’t it be disappointing to lay out money on the Cardinals, only to turn on the game and see that Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday are sitting? Check your lineups so that you know who you’re betting on.

The second rule is to take everything into account. Don’t think that baseball is so simple that you can just handicap using the starting pitchers. You need to evaluate defense, the weather, the umpire, and how a particular team hits right handed or left handed pitching. Also take into account the psychological effects and fatigue. Did a team just play a night game before flying across country for a day game? These things matter, so include them in your handicapping if you want to be successful.

Lastly, you will want to make sure that you use statistics correctly. Baseball is a game that is somewhat easier to handicap, since the majority of plays can be quantified individually. There is so much information out there that if you will learn about it and learn how to use it, you can be successful. Predicting what will happen in a baseball game is still not simple, but it becomes a lot simpler when you use the data from the last ten years to tell what has happened. Give the statistics a shot, and put in the time to learn how to apply them

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Baseball picksApril 21, 2010

Recognizing the value of bullpens
All too often with baseball handicapping and MLB picks , bettors are willing to look hard at the starting pitching and they are willing to take account of a team’s offense. What they sometimes ignore is the bullpen, and that can be a huge mistake. Whether you are betting totals or sides this MLB season, you need to start recognizing just how important bullpens can be. Though the starters have their names listed beside the bets when you make them each morning, it is often a bunch of guys you have never heard of who will decide your fate in the late innings. It is not that hard to study up on these guys, just to see who has the right stuff.

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Baseball picksApril 19, 2010

MLB Baseball Picks, Predictions vs. the Spread

Don’t sleep on Oakland

With baseball season upon us, it’s time to start looking for some teams that might provide good values through the early part of the season. If you would have been smart and quick with your MLB Baseball picks, you could have gotten Oakland’s season wins total at somewhere between 74-78, which is a huge value given the construction of that team. Now, it’s time to start hitting those overinflated lines. Few people understand how good this young Oakland team has a chance to be, and the early lines reflect that. They have been large underdogs more times than not so far in 2010, and their hot early start has netted some cash for smart bettors.

Oakland’s success lies in a number of different things. For one, the Athletics play excellent defense, with plus defenders all around the diamond. The team also has a number of undervalued pitchers, starting with Brett Anderson. A 22-year old with the “stuff” to be one of the top 10 arms in the Major Leagues, Anderson is constantly being undervalued in Oakland’s moneylines. If you get a chance to exploit that before people recognize just how good he is, then don’t hesitate.

There are a number of other teams that are looking undervalued to start the year, but Oakland is the most pronounced of those. It won’t be long before the linesmakers and the public recognizes that Oakland is quite possibly the class of the AL West, but that has not happened yet. Wundercat can tell you that over the next month or so, the defense, bullpen, and starting pitching of Oakland will carry that club to some surprising victories. Since the club figures to be lined underdogs for many of those games, it could be a profitable run if you will get on board the Athletics train.

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Baseball picksApril 18, 2010

by J. Mesa

Just before the season started, MLB began selling the same grass seed blends used in major league ball parks for the first time. For no more than a shovel, a hose, a little bit of patience – and a small fee – Reds fans can now have their own slice of Great American Ballpark in their own backyard. Red Sox fans can now manicure their own chunk of Fenway Park grass, along with few other yards around league. And of course, Wrigley Field.

Cool idea, and before you snicker, take a click but at the most bizarre. That prize went to a company that wants bury people in these hideous sarcophagi. Oh look! There’s a Star Trek one!

MLB picks some of the wackiest products to market to (ahem) die-hards. The coffins are the perfect example – creepy. Yet they offered this before selling fans a piece of grass from their favorite ball yards? (shrugs).

We are staring down the barrel of another long MLB season. And just like every year, hopes are raised, dashed and raised again and another chapter in the recurring summer opera called “Will this be the year for the Cubs?” will be written.

As they do every year, the Cubs will win a few and murmurs will grow to full-on shouts that 2010 IS they year for the league’s loveable losers. A great notion, but here in the real world it’s probably not gonna happen.

The Cubs are cursed. They haven’t been to a World Series since that fateful day in 1945 when the most infamous of goats was denied entrance. He even had his own ticket. No dice “baaaad boy.”

So one pissed off bartender and one bewildered quadruped was escorted off the grounds. But on his way out, our villain raised his hand and cursed the team, predicting that there will never be another World Series game played there again. The Cubs lost that day, and have continued to do so for 60+ years. That suds man was right. Who would have thought that a bartender could wield so much power?

Baseball should have started selling genuine MLB turf before the 1946 season. They missed a golden opportunity to market it as “Reverse the Curse – Do it Yourself Goat Chow.” Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but baseball missed out on a mint. Because by the mid-80s, Wrigley’s Goat Chow would have outsold the Pet Rock and Sweatin’ to the Oldies combined.

Cubbies fans have been pining for a cure ever since 1946. And I bet that if you gave a Cubs fan a bag of Wrigley Field grass, I can show you a superstitious seam head toiling their own piece of heaven outside the Friendly Confines. – do it yourself goat chow. Maybe then that damned goat will chew up something other than their hearts.


Basketball picksApril 15, 2010

2010 NBA Playoff Picks & Predictions, Cavs, Bulls, Boston, Orlando vs. the Spread

Underdog value when making 2010 NBA playoffs picks vs. the Spread

The NBA playoffs are an interesting time it is also a interesting time for 2010 NBA Playoff Picks, and there is often a lot of underdog value that can be exploited during the playoffs. Wundercat knows that the playoffs are when dominant teams and big time players are supposed to shine, but you need to understand how the lines work. In the playoffs, average players can elevate their game and bring their best stuff to the gym. Guys who haven’t produced all year long will start hustling for balls, and this can make the dogs very dangerous. Though it’s certainly not a good idea to make 2010 NBA  picks just on the dogs, be looking for value there.

You will especially want to spot value in those underdogs that are playing for their life at home. The NBA playoffs are a long grind and few teams sweep series. When the series gets to 3-0 and a team has one last chance to save its season, it might be easy to think that the favorite is going to roll over them just like in the previous three games. For this reason, the favorite lines are sometimes inflated in the playoffs, especially when the road team is favored.

Understand that psychology plays a major role in the game of basketball and that some teams just don’t have that killer instinct. You would be better off putting your hard earned cash on the team that’s going to be playing desperate basketball, especially if you are getting a handful of points. Don’t bet like a square and walk right into the trap of playing a road favorite. The sharps will spot the dog plays, and if you want to win like Wundercat in the 2010 NBA playoffs, you will be looking for the live dogs, as well.

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