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March 2010

Basketball picksMarch 10, 2010


Free March Madness Picks, NCAA Picks & NCAA Basketball Picks

I can’t pick a winner when picking March Madness Picks, NCAA Picks or NCAA Basketball Picks

We have all been in that place where picking a winner just seemed like an impossible chore. You have undoubtedly had good days and you’ve definitely had those long runs where the profits can steadily. But what happens when you can’t pick a winner? What does the Wundercat do in that scenario? It’s key just to take a step back and clear your head.

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Handicapping is like anything else, and you can get too content when you are on winning streaks. Instead of continuing to work hard, you will start to slack off and think that winners will just come out of principle. It quite obviously does not work this way, so you have to step back and realize this before it becomes too late. The smart, savvy individuals will get back to the basics and they will get back to doing things the way they did them before.

Another issue is that the betting markets are cyclical. If you have been capitalizing on certain trends, then you can bet that the lines will begin to adjust. Are home teams steadily covering short chalk lines in conference? Before long, a run of road teams will have some value. Understanding these principles will help you navigate the somewhat difficult waters of sports betting and you will avoid those prolonged losing streaks where it feels like the world is coming to an end.

The game is hard, and not everybody is going to win all the time. Losing days will happen, but the key is to keep your nose to the grindstone and keeping pushing with the proper methods. Good handicapping will provide positive expected value over the long run, and that is really all that you can ask for when you start out in this business. Anything above that is what the Wundercat might call “free cheese”.

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Basketball picksMarch 8, 2010

Free College Basketball Picks, 2010 NCAA Picks & March Madness Picks

College Basketball Picks & NCAA Picks: Teams losing tread on the tires

College basketball teams are like cars, and the season is like a long life span for those vehicles. They start out on the assembly line, and then they’re tested early in the year. The kinks are worked out before Christmas, as teams start hitting their stride. Before too long, the season starts to wear on those cars and they’re running with 100,000 miles on the motor. These teams start losing a lot of tread on their tires, and they just don’t perform to what you might have seen earlier in the year. So how do we spot those teams? How does Wundercat pick out the squads that look to be a little light in tread?

One indicator is how teams are performing in the second half of their late games. Does a team run out to leads, only to fade away as the game goes along? These are the squads to keep an eye on, because chances are strong that they are just running on fumes at this point. You will want to watch them down the stretch, as there might some value to betting against them. One good example right now is South Carolina, and they are interesting because they fall into another category, too.

Beware of those teams that make their living by pressing all game long. These teams are stomping on the gas, over and over, and it can wear on their players. As the year goes along, smart coaches start going deeper into the bench and playing more guys. Some coaches will just run their guys right into the ground, though, and they will start losing games in bunches. Make sure you know the warning signs, so that you don’t have your cold cash on squads that enter tough games with literally no chance to pull off a victory.

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Basketball picksMarch 3, 2010

What NCAA conferences do you bet on?

College basketball picks & NCAA March Madness picks season is a ridiculous time for bettors. It’s a marathon with betting opportunities every single day. Whether we are talking about a Monday night tilt between two Southern Conference teams or some late night Friday Ivy League action, there’s always something in the offing. One thing that I have seen too many people try to do is to become an expert on all of college basketball. Simply put, you can’t do it. Even Wundercat has no chance of doing that. With more than 300 teams playing, you’ve got no shot at knowing them all well enough to bet them for a profit.

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So what do you do? Luckily for all of us, teams are paired into easy to follow conferences. My suggestion is to follow a few conferences and become the master of those domains. So you live in Maryland? Why not handicap the ACC and handicap the Colonial Athletic Association. This way, you will get your fill of Monarchs, Colonials, Terrapins, and Tigers. Maybe you can branch out and handicap some A-10 ball, as well. No matter which conferences you study, it’s clearly important to limit your work. The less you try to do, the better you will be at it.

Hey, no one is going to fault you for not knowing that Cal. State-Northridge doesn’t play well off of short rest in road games. Only the Wundercat and Wunderdog have enough time to keep up with these things. But if you are struggling to keep your head above water with bets all over the country, then maybe it’s time to scale back a little bit. Perhaps it’s time to change your focus and to start worrying only about those conferences that you know and understand. This way, you won’t get railroaded by betting foolish, unfamiliar territory.

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Sports picksMarch 2, 2010

by J. Mesa

The NHL season resumes today on the heels of one of the greatest sports events in history. The USA vs. Canada gold-medal final was certainly one for the ages, and was the most-watched television event in Canadian history.

In a must-win situation for the Canadians – hosting the games and reaching the finals in the marquee event, arguably the sports’ biggest star in Sidney Crosby sealed the win with a thrilling OT goal.
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Basketball picksMarch 1, 2010


NCAA Basketball Picks, NCAA Picks, Basketball Picks vs. the Spread

How to Cap the Trap

One thing that Wundercat knows about betting is that traps are to be avoided at all costs when making NCAA basketball picks. You know when those games look too good to be true, and you just can’t lay off of them. You walk right in with guns blazing, but there is always something in the handicapping that you’ve missed. So how do you cap the trap? It all starts with asking the question, “Why?”

When Tennessee played Kentucky last weekend, the line had the Cats as a short favorite. The world jumped on the Cats without asking why the line was so low. When Tennessee took the game to a clearly tired Kentucky team early and held them off for a big win, people realized what they had missed. In that game, it was the fact that UK had to turn around quickly after a 9PM Thursday night game to play a road game at noon on Saturday. If you had asked the right questions and figured out what kind of impact this type of turnaround would have, you might have avoided that trap game.

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Even better, capping the trap is all about getting on the side of the trap. One thing that I know is that it’s always best to be on the other side of the public when they’ve made a square move. If you can spot a trap game and not only avoid the bad side, but have the guts to play the good side, then you will take the next step with your handicapping.

Capping the trap is something that you should be able to master with more experience. The mice run to those games that look too good and they load up. The sharps join Wundercat on the other side, and they take advantage of information that the average bettors just doesn’t consider.

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