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NCAA March Madness Picks, Predictions against the Spread

A day for the dogs – NCAA March Madness Picks

If there is one mistake that people make far too often with their NCAA March Madness picks, it’s taking too many underdogs. Wundercat doesn’t hate the dogs, but I tend to think that people go overboard. They fall into the trap of thinking that just because March is supposed to be about upsets, every team is going to make a run. Whether you’re filling out brackets or making bets, don’t just starting throwing dogs out there every time. The better teams will win, and there can often be a lot of value hiding in a favorite.

If you are hell bent on playing dogs, then choose them the right way. Few things are worse than being on a dead dog and you won’t find many feelings better than having your coin on a live dog. Those teams that play solid defense and rebound the basketball well will give you a chance in the tournament. These are teams that won’t need a crazy shooting night to win and they will be more likely to provide a consistent performance. Steady wins in March, so remember that before you throw your money down the drain.

We want you to also be willing to look past the traditional underdog spots. When the tournament comes calling, people will talk to you a lot about the 5/12 matchups and they’ll discuss which spots have traditionally led to upsets. Since people know that 5 seeds sometimes go down, you might not find a lot of underdog value there. Be willing to consider value elsewhere. Perhaps there’s an 11-seed with some bite or maybe you can find a 13-seed that has a chance to win the game. Going your own way and finding your own value will help you come out on top when it’s all said and done.

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