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Desperate NCAA March Madness teams chasing fleeting dreams

Today, I want to talk a little bit about something that each of has seen over the last couple of weeks. That is, teams in college basketball playing with a desperate sense. If you are anywhere near sharp in your handicapping, then you know good and well that emotion plays a huge role in each game. If a team has something big to play for, then they might just rise up and put on a performance that exceeds their own ability. When it’s late in the season, you need to be careful betting against those desperate teams with fleeting dreams.

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Getting to the tournament is the goal of most teams out there, and at some point in the season, a team will face a “must win” type of moment. Take Notre Dame, for example. This is a team playing without its best and most consistent player, but it’s put together a string of strong performances over the last two weeks, knocking off Louisville, Pittsburgh, and a good Georgetown team in their own barn. Notre Dame was a desperate team, and they have most certainly played like it. Desperate teams have a little bit more energy and they have a little pep in their step.

It might be difficult to know exactly which team is desperate and which team is not, but you have to at least try. Down the stretch, there will be several matchups where teams will head into difficult environments when they have very little to play for. You will be better off siding with those home squads that have to win. They will give you their best effort, which is really all that you can ask for as a bettor. I believe the lines tend to undervalue this element, so that is a place where they can be exploited to an extent.

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