June 2009

Basketball picks & Hockey picksJune 12, 2009

by J. Mesa 

I really love this time of year! Between the NBA and NHL Playoffs coming to a head, the MLB season in full swing and the WNBA just tipping off, there is a lot of action – even enough to hold my attention, ‘til at least July, when I start to lose myself in all things pigskin.

Exciting, exciting – I’m talking the Stanley Cup Finals. Each home team has held serve and as a result, the NHL has delivered the two most exciting words in sports: FREE BEER! Oh no, wait a second, I meant GAME 7. Got your attention though, didn’t I?

These star-studded Finals have been a real treat to watch for even the most fair-weather hockey fans, myself included. By the time this bloggy goes up, we will have crowned a champion. Whether it’s the Pittsburgh Penguins rallying against all odds and taking the cup from Detroit on their ice, or the Red Menace steamrolling their way to their second consecutive NHL crown, the real winner here is the NHL itself, and other leagues should take notice. Namely, the NBA.

Yes you, NBA, with all your swagger, trash talking and obnoxious puppets, I think the NHL has provided the better product and that after all, is entertainment. What the NBA should learn from the NHL is better scheduling. I love this every-other-day format. The NHL doesn’t let their fans have time to forget what happened in the previous game before they are on to the next contest. The NBA postseason, on the other hand, is too long. It’s not the number of games, but calendar length. Why not run a game every other day, and then take a few days off before the start of the next series? Keep the audience’s attention and keep striking while the iron is hot.

Some other notes from around the NBA:

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Sports picksJune 5, 2009

by J. Mesa

I am about the most fair-weather horse racing fan out there. I usually only pay attention to racing when there is a possibility of a Triple Crown winner. But to be honest, I am really excited for the 141st running of the Belmont.

Sure, a Triple Crown winning horse would be a great feat and would give the industry a shot in the arm that it so desperately needs, but just beneath the surface of this week’s Belmont is a great jockey story that has got my interest. 

Jockey Calvin Borel has already etched his name in horse racing history and lore by becoming the first rider to win both the Kentucky Derby and The Preakness Stakes on two different horses. Now Borel turns his sights on something more astounding – winning the Triple Crown on two different horses. He needs just one more No. 1 finish to complete the “Calvin Crown.”

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