June 2008

Baseball picksJune 11, 2008

by J. Mesa 

Needless to say, a rather disturbing story broke yesterday about the MLB, Roger Clemens (again) and a bottle of “daddy’s little helper.”

The report was concerning a not-as-yet illegal performance enhancing drug that supposedly helps to increase endurance by delivering blood, oxygen and other nutrients to muscles more efficiently. This drug can also help to overcome impotence, and annoying side effect of taking testosterone injections and supplements. This magic pill? None other than the little blue diamond in the rough – Viagra!

That’s right, I couldn’t believe it either.

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Baseball picks & Basketball picks & Football picksJune 7, 2008

by J. Mesa 

I gotta tell ya’ I like the idea of having instant replay for homeruns. Replay will help level the playing field and make the game more fair and legitimate. With MLB still feeling the fallout of the steroids scandal, what better way to help baseball and its fans heal than to do something to make the game more honest?

Fans already have the benefit of the jumbo-tron replay and we can all tell when the umps get the call wrong. Every fan in the yard sees it, every fan watching on TV sees in, but unfortunately, the three people on the field that NEED to see the play often get it wrong. It’s a lot of fun to second guess the umpire and with replay in the field we have a chance to call the ump wrong and we’d all be right.

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Sports picksJune 2, 2008

Wunderdog Sports Picks (www.wunderdog.com) has been awarded a Seal of Approval by the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association as a website best exemplifying integrity and professionalism.

Wunderdog Sports, founded in 2001, provides sports predictions to over 120,000 sports fans for every major U.S. sport every day. StartupNation described Wunderdog Sports as “The Merrill Lynch of sports wagering,” when the company was named to StartupNation’s 2007 Top 10 list of Financial Performers (selected from among 16,500,000 qualifying businesses).

The GPWA was founded to promote responsible gambling and serves as a governing body, as such, to players that are looking for websites they can trust.

Going a step further the GPWA honors webmasters that differentiate themselves from rogue operators, ensuring that the website honored acts professionally and respectfully in its business activities. The Seal of Approval also lets players know that the site is managed independently of the sites it provides information about or promotes; that it respects and upholds copyright standards; that it does not send spam email or use unethical search-engine-optimization techniques.

The GPWA Seal of Approval is the latest distinction for Wunderdog Sports picks which was also recently featured in The Wall Street Journal, on MSN.com,and in ColoradoBiz Magazine.

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