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March 2008

Baseball picksMarch 21, 2008

We are only a couple of weeks into the MLB spring-training season and there have already been a couple of headlining stories concerning the Evil Empire – yes the New York Yankees. Normally, I wouldn’t consider anything that happens during spring training news, but ok, this story really got me thinking. Sorry to disappoint, but it wasn’t the brawl that got my noodle cranking.

No, it was the Yankees new addition that grabbed my attention when they signed tenured rookie (and by tenured I mean old) Billy Crystal to a one-game contract my ears perked right up.

DISCLAIMER: I am not going to get into the slippery slope of why I think it is bad to sign celebrities to play professional sports. (See also: Garth Brooks’ San Diego Padres career or Master P’s run at the NBA). But in the spirit of summer daydreaming I began to drift away thinking about what pro sport I would like to participate in for one day if given the opportunity. 

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Basketball picksMarch 7, 2008

After witnessing Shaq Daddy and the rest of the Phoenix Suns Wednesday night in Denver, it is true that the once massive tread on the mighty Big Diesel, has finally worn down.

It was almost painful to watch as the lumbering giant was ineffective against the Nuggets – often playing one-on-one with Marcus Camby and losing. Shaq played 30 of the most painful minutes I have seen during the Suns vs. Nuggets tilt Wednesday night. Shaq did put up modest numbers en route to scoring 12 points on five of six shooting and two of four from the stripe and to be fair, he did grab 15 defensive boards, but Shaq is slowing down the rest of the offensive unit he was brought in to help. At this point, Shaq’s liabilities are making more of a presence than his assets.

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PokerMarch 6, 2008

The 2008 World Series of Poker is the most anticipated poker event of the year, and poker players who qualify through Bodog Poker can expect to be offered a lot more than just a seat at a table. Just like last year, every member of Team Bodog going to the WSOP will also receive exclusive VIP treatment.

Qualify with Bodog and experience the difference of being part of an exclusive roster with dedicated Team Handlers, beautiful Bodog Girls and the best looking gear in the business.

Bodog Poker is guaranteeing at least three $12,000 Main Event Prize Packages weekly through its “Main Event Semifinal” tournaments, held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Everyone has a chance to earn a spot on Team Bodog alongside pros David Williams, Josh Arieh and Evelyn Ng. With qualifiers starting at as little as a $1 or 100 PTS you can earn your way in cheap, or if you’ve got the money you can also buy-in directly to the Main Event Semifinals for $250 + $20.

Win a semifinal and you’ll find out why the WSOP is best attended as a member of Team Bodog. Because it’s not just about getting the $12,000 prize package, the best swag out there, meeting the Bodog Girls and getting exclusive access to our world-famous Bodog Lounge; it’s about being treated like a pro.

The 2008 WSOP kicks off May 30, 2008 and daily qualifying tournaments are taking place right now at Bodog Poker.

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