January 2008

Basketball picksJanuary 24, 2008

I understand that college athletes have it rough. Especially the blue-chip major-college level athletes. I mean athletes-only housing, the top-notch practice facilities and gear, travel to away games via charter jet or luxury bus. ‘Round-the-clock tutoring and academic advising, yeah it’s tough bein’ the big man on campus.

So what does OJ Mayo – your average No. 1 high school recruit, burgeoning marketing machine, freshman phenom of the USC Trojans to do when he wants to take in a NBA game, kick back and get some much needed R and R? He gets a couple of tickets from NBA star Carmelo Anthony and ends up in hot water.

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Sports picksJanuary 12, 2008

UNC – Asheville jr. Kenny George is a monster. The center lists at 7’-7” tall, but I think he is just an eyelash shy of eight feet. His wingspan is enormous and is the tallest basketball player in NCAA. They say that you can’t teach tall, but can the kid play?

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Sports picksJanuary 4, 2008

by J. Mesa

Yes, it’s that time of the year when everyone compiles their Players of the Year Awards and for us it is no different.

After much internal debate, I have decided to go with several awards rather than just one. After all, the sports landscape is so vast that to narrow it down to just one choice would be unfair to the tumultuous, albeit entertaining year in sports.

You can’t argue with perfection. I will have to agree with the Associated Press and their NFL pick for coach of the year. My nod goes to Bill Belichick. Despite being as cuddly as a porcupine, he gets the job done. He handled “Spy Gate” about as well as he could have and steamrolled his team through the competition en route to a history-making 16-0 record.

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Football picks & Sports picksJanuary 3, 2008

Just as soon as the USC Trojans left the field after Tuesday’s crushing Rose Bowl win over Illinois, every talking head, sports writer and analyst was honking about how USC was good enough to deserve a piece of the National championship. You’re kidding me right?

For USC, playing in the Rose Bowl is the closest thing they could have gotten to a home bowl game. They took care of business against an inferior team, but the win was not worthy of a piece of the championship pie. USC simply showed up and did what they were supposed to do over an overmatched Illini team. Northing more, nothing less.

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