September 2007

Football picksSeptember 28, 2007

Over the weekend we saw Oklahoma State University head coach Mike Gundy lay into local sports columnist Jenni Carlson about the lack of production and subsequent benching of a top-rated recruit turned backup quarterback. 

I have no problem with Gundy coming to the defense of a student athlete. If the columnist was out of line and writing false accusations and other libelous statements, he did the right thing. Great job coach! Way to black you players and I guarantee Gundy’s stock in the locker room with his players shot through the roof – not to mention the adulation bestowed by the Oklahoma sports-radio honks. 

Instead, Gundy uncorked on columnist Carlson like she had attacked one of his kids (not players) after a poor performance on the Pop Warner football field. He defended his tirade by saying that these were just “kids” and that they are amateur athletes. It was that statement where he lost me. College athletes on scholarship are far from amateur.

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Football picksSeptember 27, 2007

While I probably should be doing some sort of Cheers and Jeers article. I just don’t have that many NFL-related kudos to hand out right now. On the flipside, there’s plenty of blame to go around after three weeks. So, while it may offend the “stay positive” types out there, this rant is about the NFL negative. In particular, there are four people who earn the Wunderdog “Knucklehead” award this week…

Michael Vick

Michael, Michael. Will you ever learn? We fear not. Where did things go so wrong? I think it was after you left Virginia Tech. Upon entering the NFL, your on-the-field physical talent didn’t dissappear. But, your ability to help a team win did. You rushed for more yards than any NFL quarterback. But, the numbers that mattered (passing, win-loss) told a much different story. While fun to watch, you were nothing better than an average quarterback on the field. Your completion percentage and TD to INT ratio were downright bad and you just didn’t get your team enough wins. You underperformed. For the first few years, to your credit, you kept the off-the-field stuff to a minimum. Then you flipped off some fans, and then the whole killing dogs for fun thing. Finally, this week, you get cracked for smoking the weed. That’s gotta help your upcoming sentencing! We look forward to your next act.

Lovie Smith

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Football picksSeptember 20, 2007

With Philadelphia’s loss on Monday night, the Eagles joined the ranks of NFL teams with the dismal outlook that comes with an 0-2 to start the season. 

While this is indeed a bad way to begin their football campaign, looking a little deeper at the 0-2 mark reveals an even darker truth: pack it up boys and start playing for draft picks, ’cause your chances of making the playoffs this season are slim at best, no chance is more likely! 

My good friend Mr. East turned me on to a stat that revealed that over the past seven NFL seasons (since 2000) out of the 55 teams that started the season 0-2, only five made it to the post season! So fans of the New York Jets and Giants, Bills, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Rams, Saints, Raiders and Chiefs, well… Better luck next season as they have a slim 9.1% chance at the post season.Meanwhile teams that start the season 2-0 enjoy a robust 57.6% chance of getting to the playoffs.  The biggest surprise of this season has to be the darlings of last year’s NFL season, the New Orleans Saints who are rounding out the bottom of the NFC South Division at 0-2. So you can add them to the list of “Who dat, say dey gonna miss da playoffs – hear.”   Continue reading


Football picksSeptember 14, 2007

We have always had respect for what Bill Belichick has done on the field but never really liked him as a man. I mean this is the guy that screwed the Jets after taking their head coaching job just because one that he liked better suddenly popped up. This is the guy who disrespects opposing coaches and camermen who get in his way when trying to get to midfield for a handshake. His players have never really liked him very much. And, he dissed Peyton Manning after his Colts finally got by the Pats in the playoffs last year. Finally and maybe most importantly, the guy dresses terribly! How can you like a guy that dresses like a bum?

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Baseball picksSeptember 8, 2007

I’ve well documented my theory on the 5 man rotation, and why it has devastated baseball. The stat I just uncovered says it all. The starters are going 6 innings or 100 pitches, if they are even good enough to get to that point. The bullpens are over worked. Proctor and Farnsworth, for example, for the Yankees have pitched in half the games to date! Take a look at this number: 557.

Do you know what it represents?

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Baseball picks & Football picksSeptember 4, 2007

Wow, talk about an exciting week is sports! With the opening of the college football season, we saw the biggest upset in the sport’s history. Over on the big league diamond we saw a rookie hurl a no hitter in storied Fenway Park, and what was this week’s gift form the NFL? Another superstar gets popped for a banned substance. I understand that the NFL is cracking down and getting tougher on conduct policy and drug testing – as well they should, so reserving comment in favor of highlighting the reminders of why we love sports this week is the necessary high road. After all, someone much wiser than me once mused: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” 

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