July 2007

Basketball picksJuly 30, 2007

It seems that there are very few things that are constant in the sports world – very few things you can count on. However, one of those things that you can set your watch to are the rumors that Kevin Garnett wants to be traded. From mid-season to the NBA off season KG trade rumors are always swirling. 

But alas, it seems that KG has finally found a new home and a team willing to pull the trigger on the trade. KG is on his way to Beantown to join the Celtics.

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Baseball picksJuly 23, 2007

AMC has been showing the greatest baseball movie of all time, The Natural, this week and I have been trying to catch it.  Anyway, I am working from my home office today and it just happened to come on while I was on a lunch break so I sat and decided to catch some of it. Actually I decided to listen to the movie instead of my usual auditory bludgeoning of 50% Reggae and 50% Heavy Metal. As I was listening to the movie, I started to think about when I was a kid and saw this movie for the first time. I saw it for the first time while staying with my grandparents one summer vacation. It was one of those kinds of summers you always remember – not in details like how many times you went swimming or how many times you skinned your knee, but details like the way a BBQ grill smells and the hum of a neighbors running lawn mower – things that stay with you. Now 20 years later I am listening to the film with a different set of ears.

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Baseball picksJuly 19, 2007

The Yankees have been in the playoffs for 13 straight seasons and that mark is in jeopardy this season. A recent surge has put them back in the mix, but what about the future? The payroll is maxed out with aging, declining All-Stars including Jason Giambi, Johny Damon, Bobby Abreu to name a few. And then what about A-Rod? What about Rivera? What about Posada? Can the Yankees anti-up for all three, which will push the payroll to unsurpassed levels? It isn’t that they can’t, because they can, but will they?

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Baseball picksJuly 13, 2007

The New York Yankees bucked tradition by publicly announcing they will try to sign superstar Alex Rodriguez to a contract extension during the season rather than waiting for the off season to pursue the star third baseman. As if on cue, Rodriguez’ agent Mr. Nine-Game World Series Scott Boras told the Yankees to go kick rocks until the end of the season. 

Now I could be wrong on this one, but wasn’t it the Boras/A-Rod camp that wanted to negotiate the extension before the season started and it was The Boss and GM Mr. Moneyman that told A-Rod to wait? How the worm has turned.

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Sports picksJuly 8, 2007

Roger Federer has just won his fifth consecutive Wimbledon Championship over his rival Rafael Nadal. But for as much noise as these two make on the trimmed lawns of the All-England Club, these two advisaries make little noise off the court. 

This year’s final was a thing of tennis beauty. Both players competed as fast and as strong as two racehorses sprinting to the finish. Nadal pushed Federer to a deciding fifth set but in the end it was the familiar site of the dapper Federer hoisting the champion’s trophy.  

Nadal tested Federer’s heart as a champion and the Swiss Mister answered with his huge serve topping out at over 128 miles per hour, strong ground strokes and the never-say-die attitude we see from the greatest of prizefighters.

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